300, baby! And to celebrate…

I thought of doing something a little special. But more on that in a little bit!

So apparently, there are now 301 of you following my little blog- why, I have no idea (I do really, it’s coz I am witty as hell.) But boy, do I love you all for it. I love the active ones of you just that little smidge more! #GotsToBeHonest

You know though, this exciting event highlights a point I have gone on and on about quite a lot and that is; follower numbers don’t matter all that much. Because in my 2 years here, I have never gotten 200 views or likes or comments. In fact, my likes etc. almost never seem to fully represent the number of followers I have, so I learnt to stop focusing on increasing my followers just to see that number grow yonks ago. I just take the love as it comes now!

When I do hit another milestone however, it is always an excuse to blog about something. When I hit 100, I did a little random facts about me post… when I hit 200 I boasted about it wrote a little thank you note, ahem. Now we have 300 Alhamdulilah, I am grateful. WordPress didn’t notify me this time, the inconsiderate thing, I found out by accident, so I have no screenshot to prove it. Ergo, I made my own! #ProblemSolver

My most active followers at the moment are my Sinan and Leyla (if you don’t know, get to know) lovers so for you guys, I have compiled a list of little known facts about the story I am writing, just for the fun of it. I am not gonna share too much because that will give the ending away. I actually planned to do this when I finished writing the end, but sometimes there really is no time like the present. So here goes.

  1. If you are wondering about the names, then I have no idea why. I have always loved Sinan for a boys’ name. So he was Sinan from the very start. She, however, was nameless for a while. I had always wanted to write a character called Amber, but Leyla just didn’t feel like an Amber. So she eventually became Leyla when I watched a movie where the female protagonist had the same name. It helped that I always liked the name- it didn’t that most of the Leyla’s I met were actually not very nice!
  2. Yara was called Maya, which I now actually prefer, typical! Sumeya was called Diya. Ishaan was actually called Rehaan.
  3. This isn’t autobiographical at all, I know squat about arranged marriage. Sometimes, I genuinely worry a reader (who was involved in an arranged marriage) will comment, ‘this isn’t really how it works doofus!’ For the record I know that, that’s why this is fictional!
  4. I wrote a large chunk of the story (I wanna say three years ago) before eventually abandoning it because I ran out of steam and ideas. Then, I posted chapter one a couple of months ago, because it was Sunday and I was bored. After a few kind comments I decided to post the rest and when I reached the point where I abandoned it, I was like ‘oh my God, I actually have to write the rest now!’
  5. I haven’t included too many details about where the characters are originally from / ethnicities etc, because I wanted a lot of people to read it and not abandon it because they can’t relate to it. I think that was a silly decision now. I am Arab-Indian SO in my head they are too. But if you think of them as something else then that is cool too.
  6. I didn’t include details on looks because I wanted to leave it to the imagination. But if you are super keen, then Sinan is 6’2, he has long hair, not length wise, more volume wise- it reaches  the bottom of his neck. He has hazel eyes, very light brown. He has broad shoulders, good size biceps and a stubble- always! He wears glasses when he is teaching, they are bold black frames. He is more into how he looks than Leyla so I imagine him as being trendy but I don’t really know how to write that. Which brings me on to…
  7. Writing guy dialogue is super hard because, manly though I may be, I am not a guy. Maybe Sinan comes across as soft sometimes, but that is coz a woman is writing him.
  8. You have probably noticed this already, but I am seriously into dialogue. Too much maybe, but that is my favourite part of human relationships; conversation!
  9. Nothing I write is irrelevant, that scene with the old lady in the bookshop who talks to Leyla about love was taking up space but I couldn’t delete because it was there to serve a purpose; I wanted Leyla to experience love from a source that wasn’t friends and family, movies or books.
  10. The memory that Sinan refers to in his letters of his parents playing volleyball in the living room is actually real; I remember watching my parents and being in awe that they were being so playful.
  11. Sinan used to be a Bio Medical Engineer before I changed his career.
  12. I deleted so many characters because it was getting like a zoo at one point. I think Rehaan is the only one who got a revival and I brought him back. I nearly deleted Amber because I thought Yara was enough, but I am glad I kept her.
  13. The photos at the end of every post are all mine. They don’t always match the text but I prefer that to not having a photo at all! Sometimes if needs be, I pick out a photo I like and write it into the story.
  14. Uncle Emaad’s entry was in the interest of keeping the story real. It just wasn’t going to work not having a male member of the family. It was important to me that Leyla’s family were a family of women only but I needed to give Sinan’s father a friend…😕
  15. I hope the riddle in chapter 16 was fun to read. It stressed me out so much to write, I nearly abandoned it! I literally used up all my lunch hour at work to think of it and was too pleased with myself when I finished it 😅

I’ll leave it there for now! I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you so much for sticking with Sinan and Leyla, I will Inshallah write more facts when I end the story if you like this post 🙂

Love you lots!




  1. salam…thank you for following me sister…so happy to found many muslimah blogging..hehe =D following you back =) …by the way, you got lot of good posts sister…tc always… =D

  2. Wohoo congrats! That’s a hefty number of followers. I had the feeling the characters were Arab or Indian-ish. Maybe because I understood some of the things as they happened like “Omg that was so to happen” but great post thanks for letting us in on a couple of the stuff 😉 and Sinan is better than before now thanks a bunch 😛 😀

  3. Congrats!! And LOL to point number 3 because you know how I wish the guys my mum make me meet are like Sinan 😭😂 Still patiently waiting for my Sinan to appear somewhere in the (hopefully near!) future 😌

  4. Hey congrats. Really the numbers does not matter what matters is the comments of the people, the love they show. no doubt mam you are really witty otherwise Sinan and leyla story would have become a typical arrange marriage with no jokes 🙂 Hey lemme tell you some arranged marriages are like that full of excitement, exchange of letters, dyeing to get married. But yes not too much of fun like Sinan and leyla.
    Loved the voleyball part which your parents play. May Allah give more blessing in your writing skill.

  5. Congrats on the followers and you are right on the fact that those numbers never really do reflect on the work. Nevertheless one feels a sense of achievement.

    I loove behind the scenes, trivia tidbits. This was the best celebration post!!! Thanks for letting us to the inner workings of your brain!!

    1. Walekum salam. It’s just on Kindle… I don’t know how to get it on anything else😂… I think if you have the app on your phone it is possible to get it so long as you have an Amazon account.

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