So, I just had my first Social Media fight…

What the title says.

Some of my thoughts post this mild spat; how do people do this on a daily basis? Just argue in the comments section. I mean it was my first time commenting on someone’s post expressing an opinion and I KNOW I won’t be doing it again.

I tried (and evidently failed) to be as non direct as possible. I did not tag anyone specifically so no one would get pissed. Someone got pissed anyway and tagged me saying that they were not saying what I was implying they were saying etc.

Re-reading my message, I could see why they assumed I was refering to their message alone in my comment. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word ‘trolling’ but again, I tagged no one specifically, so I stand by my point. I felt like this person felt I was attacking them when I was attacking the principle.

Again, how do people do this on a regular basis? Two comments utterly drained me. I tried to explain my view point calmly and even used smileys (!) but nope, no response. So, because I am a wuss non-confrontational being, I sent a private message telling this person I did not mean to offend them and apologised if I did. Again, no response.

Fair enough I guess. What’s done is done. But because it bothered me I wanted to get it off my chest by blogging about it as you do. I do feel slightly better. But just to make sure, I will get some sugar down me. Sugar always helps ☺ Any comments of consolation are not only welcome but encouraged.




  1. Oh tam it’s okayyyyyy I know it sucks but stuff like that happens and you just have to let it not affect you too much! I understand your feelings, I get so low when someone does that. But you have to let it go. Think happy thoughts.

  2. Aww sorry to hear this has got you down. Things like this really depress me as well! Now I just avoid saying non-positive things to anyone on social media even if I disagree with them; normally I just keep quiet because I find it’s usually more productive (and effective) to save the constructive discussions for interactions with actual people face to face… because it’s just easier to communicate clearly with the other person, prevent offence, avoid misunderstandings, avoid suspense between replies, avoid the agony of a misconstrued written word and all the other problems that come with talking to someone via the internet.

    Just put this one behind you, my friend: you know & Allah knows that your intentions were good – and you’ve done everything you can to repair hurt feelings by sending that private message as well. You win some, you lose some… Try not to worry, and just move on. ❤️ It’ll feel much less stressful in a few days inshaa Allah. 😊 & the other person will probably forget it very soon, too. 😊

      1. Don’t worry my friend; what’s done is done now.❤️ Don’t stress yourself out over this. I’m a worrier like you about these things; but usually the person on the other side isn’t worrying anywhere near as much as we are. 🙂

  3. that is another disadvantage of talking on social media,there is no one to one,people tend to take things personally or sometimes direct things at you indirectly ,that completely confuses anybody’s mind, and sensitive people get hurt for longer time and you are experiencing the same ! Divert your mind till you forget that it happened, it happned to me as well last month ,and it bothered me for few days 😦

  4. The when thing makes me very anxious. I received a whole heap of vitriol and death threats on Twitter for one comment I made which I didn’t feel warranted much reaction. It’s exhausting. Best thing is to step away from it for a while and realise that it’s not really about you. I was terrified to go online for a while after my worst experience but you live and learn. Hope you feel better. It’s like bullying, the people attacking have probably already moved on to the next thing

    1. Oh wow. Well this puts things into perspective for sure. My thing ain’t half as bad. Just an irritating misunderstand. They thought I was bullying them. I was just trying to make something clear and came off as a bully. Which, if you know me, is a laughable thought 😔 I hope you are ok now *hugs* ☺

  5. I’m fine. Water off a ducks back. And it’s hard when you are interpreting text it is easy to be misunderstood and frustrating to try and explain. It’s an occupational hazard. And that last comment was meant to say ‘This type of thing’ but my autocorrect was a bit hasty 😉

  6. It happens even with people you get along with. There is no telling what will trigger a reaction. Someone was upset by a photo of a yellow boat I published on my blog. Silly, but true. It went to my spam folder and I did not remove it. People choose not to be rational. We can’t predict what will set someone off so rest assured that it has nothing to do with you.

    1. Wow. I am so glad I posted about this. It seemed silly to at the time. But people’s reactions have been very insightful. And thank you for your words. I honestly feel much more calm about the whole ordeal.

  7. Awww Tammy it’s confusing isn’t it? You can’t express your opinion without being labelled a hater. There is a difference between trolling/pure hating and expressing a constructive opinion.
    I often refrain from commenting because I know how hard it affects to hear a stranger saying mean stuff.
    Sending you chocolate hugs to make you feel better.

  8. wow, this is soo the way I react to situations! :/ But later I will be filled with remorse and regret thinking I just lost a chance to be among the “patient”…… As Allah (SWT) is always with the one who is As-Sabiroon (the Patient) 😉 in sha Allah! 😀

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