Don’t Say You Did This For Me

A while ago, during Ramadan to be precise, I wrote a little something that was inspired/ induced, I am not sure what wording to go with here, by my religion being “named and shamed” in the media. Today, I was reminded of that post, and if you watched the news in the last couple of hours, you will know why.

Whenever the media prepares it’s annual, (and these days monthly) brainwashing ritual of the masses, so it can turn them against little ole’ me- I start to fret. I get just as scared as you when a terror attack happens. I fear for my life and safety just as much as the next guy, believe me. I am barely 5ft tall.

You know when I get mad and not just sad though? When the low lifes who do this shit say they did it for me and the future generations. Even worse, that they did it in the name of my religion. To them I say;

You are fake. You are a fraud. You are decietful. You did this for you. You blew your self up and left me to pick up the pieces, to take the blame for something I am not guilty of and face people’s stares, having to respond to questions I do not know the answers to.

You say you did this for the greater good. Where is this good in what you do? How does it benefit you, your neighbour, society, or humanity like “our” religion preaches? I did something for the greater good today. I moved a shopping trolley that a troll, probably you come to think of it, left in a parking space.

That is something that will benefit everyone. By doing an act as simple, and in your eyes insignificant, as this:

  • I stopped the trolley scratching someone’s car due to the heavy winds it was being swayed by.
  • I vacated a parking space that someone could now use and saved them some time.
  • I gave the supermarket employee one less job to do.
  • I inspired someone watching me to benefit society in some way by doing their own act of kindness.
  • And I restored someone’s faith in humanity.

Please. I urge you to stop doing things I did not ask you to do. You are putting us all in such horrendous positions where we cannot go about our day to day life anymore. People look at my headscarf like it is a giant padlock on my brain and treat me accordingly, like I am an opressed victim of my religion, due to your actions.

My bag, that I clutch to my chest so protectively in public, is concealing nothing but gum wrappers, mashed up and expired half a chocolate bar, smudged everywhere, broken pens and feminine hygeine items I do not want anyone to see. But my embarassment is confused with guilt and my bag thus gets searched without my will anyway, due to your actions.

Don’t tell people that you kill in the name of God. Times have changed. When Peter Sutcliffe aka. The Yorkshire Ripper killed 13 and severely injured 7 prostitues because “God told him to,” no one branded every bearded Christian a raving, murdering lunatic and certainly no one blamed Christianity and God. But now, because of your lack of mercy, that poor uncle with a beard is getting attacked when walking home from the mosque and all he wanted was an early night after Ishaa prayer. Because of you, a Sikh gentleman is getting beaten up, because biggots are too lazy being morons to research their supposed target/ enemy before launching an attack. Who then gets the blame? The religion and God you were supposedly making a stand for.

I work hard every week and EARN my weekends. I go into town to have a nice lunch and am forced to jump back on the bus because there is an EDL march induced by your actions and fuled by the people’s own biggatory, my lunch be damend.

I just want to go to work, have a laugh or two, pray five times a day and mind my own business. Why will you not let me do that? Do not tell me you kill because our fellow muslims are being killed and you are avenging their death. Do not tell me you will kill an American or a French or Jew  because they killed and continue to kill muslims.

First of all, that life you took? It was not yours to take. Second of all, do not compare deaths and pain and destruction based on categories like religion, gender and social class. It is counter-productive and irrelevant. Death is death. It is sad wherever it happens and whenever. Every soul lost is someone’s something, somewhere. Do not trivialize that. You have no right to. And finally, has your killing undone anything? Are those lost souls back? Are you done spreading joy yet?


Do you get blamed for it all like you rightly deserve?


Who gets the blame?


…and him and her down the road, who mind our own business and hurt no one. Who else gets blamed? Ironically, the religion and the God you supposedly did this for.

Way to represent man, way to represent.




  1. Reblogged this on Couch Potahto and commented:
    I don’t usually repost, but I had to do this today. You know guys, no matter how much pain and hatred they try to spread, and try to give the 1.6 billion (and counting) Muslims of the world a bad name, the 99.9% of that population will do everything in OUR power to prove them wrong.

    There will always be people like me and billions others – till the end of time – who will love and cherish every religion, every caste, every creed, every race, like they’re our own blood. It’s called being Human.

    I’m proud to be a Muslim, and I feel sorry for you.

    My heart goes out to the victims of the Paris attacks and their families. May God grant them patience in this harsh time. #PrayForParis

  2. I really need to repost this. Most times I just keep quiet not knowing what to say or think about some lunatics who claims to kill the innocents in the name of islam. How wonder how the actual perpetrators behind this incidents sleep at night, I wonder if they ever think they will be accountable for every lives that is lost; for every tear a loved one shed, then I wonder how long this madness will continue? For those of us in Nigeria, this has become an almost everyday event especially in the Northern part of the country where poor villagers/farmers/traders are killed.

  3. Wowww SO POWERFUL! You wrote it perfectly, sister…
    I can feel all your anger & sadness. I feel the same 😦
    Thank you for putting words on my feelings..
    & don’t lose faith in humanity! A lot of non-muslims know that we have git nothing to do with terrorists.
    Anyway, I just realized t hat you wear hijab!! I always thought that you didn’t because your profile pic was showing hair I think, but I don’t even know if it was you… (See, I love ellipsis at least as much as you hahaa)

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