5 hazards of being too nice

Or helpful, understanding, empathetic and all the other beautiful qualities that make you a decent human being but get abused by others…

  1. People walk all over you at every given oppurtunity because they know you will either not pick up on it or be ‘too nice’ to say something.
  2. People talk down to you- last week I got told that I was “good for nothing” as a “joke” I was speechless how my habit of not being confrontational has made people think they can say anything to me and get away with it.
  3. Your opinion, in the rare occasion it is asked for or you offer it, seldom counts.
  4. People take libreties with your belongings because they assume you “won’t mind.”
  5. When they need help, people rush to find you but when you need help everyone seems to have lost your address…

Finally, I hope none of you know anyone who treats you like this. No one deserves that… you are worthy of being treated right no matter who you are.




  1. Sad but true! Just goes to show that being nice is at times not that fun for you.. And when you assert yourself a little (like telling someone they can’t borrow that coat/book/item), they turn around and tell you you need to be nicer! Ugh

  2. Dont take this to your heart there. Jealous people who cannot outshine you will try to show you down by words.
    When people can run down prophet Muhammed SA, who are we? IGNORE.

  3. Continue being nice and stay true to yourself. Just recognize when people are pushing your nice buttons. Then you can release that inner “B” sometimes. Or maybe start by learning to give them that “evil eye”. Really, you must learn to say “no” sometimes, in a nice way, of course. πŸ™‚

  4. “4.People take libreties with your belongings because they assume you β€œwon’t mind.” Totally understand that. There is a difference between being nice and too nice. I am non confrontational for the most part because that usually never achieves anything. A lot of people stay in the grey area between pushing your boundaries and violating your rights. It’s hard, too, when someone says, “just ignore that.” It’s a big deal when people are mean to us. It is a challenge to fix but I think that having high walls in the first place discourages people from trying to get over them. x

    1. I have never had high walls and I thought that was me being nice, more approachable etc but the older I get the more I realise some folk wouldn’t know what boundaries were if it was staring them in the face.

      1. Exactly, TamTam. It’s a delicate balance to strike. I am sure that you’re self confident. Your blog is a reflection of your strength and talent. Remember that you have more to offer than people who waste their time bothering you. x

      2. I’m sorry to hear that, but you know what, being bothered can be a gift. You wrote an awesome post, you’re kicking it at the top. This is my song of the moment, after reading post. MC Hammer: Too Legit to Quit. He means you, TamTam.

  5. Aww Tammy who said you are good for nothing? Lemme have a go at that jerk.
    I can relate to this post. People walk over you and you can’t change that fact because again, you are nice. But my mum says that keep doing you. Allah is watching and in sha Allah you shall be rewarded for it.

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