5 possible reasons why the famous 5 lists are…

-responsible for bringing me a lot of traffic. Well, I say a lot, what I mean is a ‘healthy’ amount, shall we say? I am way off ‘a lot.’ Still, one day hopefully eh? Before I delve right in, I wanna point out that I use the word possible in the title for a reason; because I don’t actually know. But also this post is just supposed to be a bit of fun.

Now that is out of the way; here are 5 reasons why I believe the masses tend to like my ‘5 reasons/ things/ thoughts etc’ posts. Quick side note to let you, the dear masses, know I am grateful for every like, even more so grateful for every comment!

  1. Lists are easy on the eye. So when we see a mostly numbered or bullet pointed post, maybe we favour reading it to big blocks of writing.
  2. I think I unintentionally dial up the sarcasm when I am doing these types of posts and this seems to go down very well with you especially when I was being a stupendous ray of sunshine in 5 reasons why I am not a morning person.
  3. Relatable emotions- when I wrote 5 perks of not wearing make up I sort of anticipated hate mail you know because girls seem to be more into make up than ever before. So, I was quite surprised I got several comments agreeing with me! A lot of people seemed to relate to 5 reasons why first crushes are a major pain as well.
  4. We are a nation of list makers; shopping lists, to-do lists, check lists and all  the other lists I can’t think of right now; we love them. They help us make sense of the chaotic state of affairs we refer to as life.
  5. Last but not least, maybe ya’ll just lazy 😂 what do I know?

Whatever makes you click that button to read any of my posts I feel beyond flattered that you took the time to do that so thank you guys! You are awesome!

Right, best go to work I guess. Watch this space for 5 reasons I hate work…😩




  1. why reasons i visit your blog
    1. It’s fun to read
    2. I can relate to the article
    3. Your painfully truthfull yet funny
    5. Damn. I don’t need to explain all this!!! I am free to do what I like.

  2. Hehee I think these are relevant reasons! No doubt that most people like to read small lists more than big writing blocks!! But I must say that even if I enjoy reading your lists, I’m way more excited to read Sinan & Leyla!! 😉
    & you don’t need to thank us for reading your posts, we read them because we enjoy them, so we must thank you to write, sister 😉
    Be blessed.

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