5 thoughts I have upon starting a diet

+3 because that really is how much I hate dieting!

  1. Why do people say this should be a “life style change as opposed to a diet.” Calling it this does not make the torture ride any easier for me. I do not want to live like this. I want to eat for enjoyment not just sustenance.
  2. Proteins are going to be the end of me. If I have to eat one more protein I might hurt someone. Serving sizes for carbs are going to be the end of me part 2.
  3. I am so sad right now. I miss the  affection I got from food. Why does no one love me? Not even food can cheer me up now, oh the irony.
  4. Wait, fruit has too much sugar now? Because back in the day, they told us to eat as much as we wanted, but now you’re telling me the sugar in it is bad for me…. put down the smoothie you say? Unless I put something green in it? I’ll put down the smoothie.
  5. Why, God, why! Why won’t this number budge on the scale. I don’t care about inches and metabolism and muscle. My simple brain wants to see the digits get smaller, dammit. -Proceeds to purchase replacement scales-
  6. The “stop it you’re becoming anorexic” comments are about as helpful as the “wow you’re so good, I don’t know how you do it!” comments- neither are making that number budge. I therefore urge you to walk away before I dip you in (protein) nutella & eat you.
  7. How is it that everyone has deluded themselves into believing that almond butter and other health foods are ACTUALLY tasty. Did I miss the “let’s fake it!” memo?
  8. Almond milk. How did that almond get milked & why isn’t it suing for harassment, huh? Answer me! In fact, the whole evolution of milk! Blue lid to green to red to almond to coconut. Watch this space for; ladybird milk please.




  1. hahaha, I feel the same way! I can’t diet anymore so I have given up even on trying! I try to eat fresh and cook daily including more veggies and healthy protein! and eating little of everything is not bad i would say 😉 I still have to think how to get rid of extra kilos I have saved around my belly in last year but that’s for some other time to think of:D ,while working when i am stuck, there is no better break than to eat something nice and try again 😀

  2. Lol. It’s not that bad. U need cheat days. You can indulge once in a while. There are lot of healthy alternatives for your favourite recipes. With vegetables try yogurt cucumber dip or avocado lemon salsa. Spices make difference too. All the best. Would love to read more.

  3. Loool I can sympathise with you – except I haven’t ever gone on a diet. I don’t I could. Like I just can’t bring myself to stop if I’m hungry. If I need food, I get it. So I suppose whenever I need to diet I’ll have a hard time doing it!

    1. See I have to coz my weight doesn’t like me & my bmi constantly tells me to throw my self off a bridge, but I often think it’s actually telling me throw myself into the FRIDGE. Easy mistake to make 😇

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