Autumunal Bedroom Tour

… because I am nosey and love to see people’s rooms, I figured there might be some weirdos with this habit on blog world too, so I am here to feed your nosey habits. Also, I got some new bedding to go with this glorious season and I needed somewhere to show it off, so social norms be damned- let’s do this.


I am all about the little details, I know cushions and throws are purely for decorative purposes and serve no function but, look how pretty. I think these things count psychologically you know-happy environment means a peaceful mind-Β regardless what the mother says! Also, for any Sinan and Leyla fans, this is where I write most of the time.


This was really me just playing around with my dslr which has been collecting dust bless it’s soul. But who else loves stationary? πŸ™‚ Also, the book that I am making my sister read because David Walliams can wait!


Old vs. new… the very first camera I owned, dust and everything. It’s a centre piece on my dressing table.


It doesn’t matter how many kindles and tablets you start to read on. Books, that is to say, ink and paper will always be that extra bit special. Also, Mr. Panda and Mr. Gorilla erasers say hello.


My wall of fame, because I am that obnoxious kindda gal that likes to print her own photos and hang them up. Honestly,Β each frame unlocks a special memory from my past thatΒ  I get to live again when I look up at this wall, if only for a moment.


My chime-less wind chime because I never let it, because the sound creeps me out.


Fairy lights light up my life- see whatΒ I did there…


” Where we love is home. Home that our feet may leave, but not or hearts…”



  1. Coo-ool! I love poking about people’s houses! Although I don’t obviously πŸ˜† I enjoy seeing the way they do up stuff!
    I totally get the pillow and decorative stuff, it is absolutely necessary!

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