5 things I love about Autumn…

Hey peeps,

So if you follow me, you will know I sometimes do ‘5 things lists’ (she says like she invented them) – my latest one is about Autumn and it is a video edition. It is only two minutes long but it took me around two months to compile- go figure. Warning in case you are in public, or allergic to depressing music; this video has depressing music.

I am not an expert at videos- this is onlyΒ the second one I have made,Β so I don’t know how long YouTube will letΒ it breathe without striking it for violating laws I knew nothing about, so IF it works, enjoy it while it is up there. In fact, someone be a love and tell me if it DOES work please lol! And that’s it really. Happy Autumn people, wrap up warm, sip on those hot chocolates and chase squirrels attracting stares from the elderly!




  1. Thanks for the warning, I looked at it with no sound. (Nahh, not for this reason, can’t play sound right now.) I wonder if there is only music or you are talking as well. In any case, images are lovely.

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