When ellipsis made me cry…

When I was at university, I went through a phase of using ellipsis quite excessively. This was not a great time for developing quirky grammar habits as it was my final year – the year of the… dissertation.

Now, I don’t know how dissertations work where you are in the world but here, you basically get assigned a tutor whom you are in regular contact with for the next six months for purposes of the dissertation.

My tutor, was… a grammar Hitler shall we say. She was just one of those people who will smile and be stern as hell all at the same time thus negating the reassuring smile.

When I used to email her (frequently) I used to end some sentences in ellipsis. I think this was my idea of ‘thinking out loud.’ I honestly thought NOTHING of it until I got a very angry email saying, ‘I really am not sure what you mean by your constant use of ellipsis.’

If that wasn’t embarassing enough two minutes later she sent a chain email to ALL her tutees (is that a word?) – there were around nine of us. It was a firmly worded message that said something along the lines of; you should all start writing emails in a manner fitting for students of your calibre. She went on a tangent about other things that I had discussed with her in private emails.

The salt on the wound was when she wrote; this email is not aimed at anyone in particular. I was like really? You’re gonna sit there and lie that I wasn’t the muse for this shredding of self esteem article…

Needless to say… I cried a lot that night. I just never wanted to see her again. Especially when I would hear my friends’ stories about their tutors who send them smiley faces in their emails and invite them for tea in their office. I had tutor envy!

I still don’t know whether to dislike the woman for making my last year a temporary hell or like her for being an (extremely tiny) inspiration for me to write and let people read what I write, because she was published, like everywhere.

There you have it. I bet you have never heard of grammar making anyone cry huh…

P.s. all the ellipses used in this post were done purely for the purposes of revenge and not because I am bad at grammar. Thank you…


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”



  1. uh oh… because I loved those things… I use them in every post title… at least once… I end most sentences with them… I would use them when I am talking… if I could figure out how…

  2. Ohhh sweety, you had a sadist tutor! Who this woman thinks she is to humiliate you like that? But maybe you’re not the only one of her students that annoyed her with your emails, that’s why she had sent a group message.. But even if you were, this was not good from her as a teacher, to humiliate you. Don’t ever buy her books!!! Hahaaa
    I hate those teachers who like to be feared by their students, we should only respect them, not fear them.

  3. Boo, for your tutor! It’s really a shame but I am glad that you took away a positive thing though, that is letting people read what you write because you’re awesome and I really love your story of Sinan and Leyla. Keep posting them, I enjoy them.

  4. well ,there are different kinds of teachers and everyone has his/her style! I remember my first day of class with Finance Teacher and she was a complete (……) you can read in ellipses, She was yelling, shouting; had a list of guidelines to follow, list of stories how she failed many students.what types of students are there today,how smart she is, and blah blah, we had a headache for 2 hours with in the class and later as well, but from her next class she was such a normal teacher! a bit strict but i would say normal again, no shouting, no yelling, nothing. I was in shock, what was she first day! May be that was her way of welcoming students who would admire her nicer behavior she shows than her first day and remember it for life! Another teacher ,finance as well , shouting, yelling,insulting students in class , He will ask a question, randomly pick anyone to answer him, when you answer, first he will ask ‘where are you from’ after your reply ,he will say ,’ah thats why!!’ , we hated him for 3 months till he taught us, he loves insulting each and every student, like his hobby. and then came time for our final project n the finance part part has to be done under him, nobody in my group wanted to do it and go to him, so it has to be me 😦 ,but I cant tell you how super nice he was to me ,explaining to me everything in detail, joking with him, showing his pictures from latest trip, I was in shock again! What was he in class? n why? we were not kids to be treated like that,we wont jump over him! but there are some teachers ,they like to be super rude to students to maintain discipline and make you perfect in their subject under the stick rule, they are indeed masters in their subject and cannot tolerate any mistake! I would suggest you to bear her for the good ,she will bring out from you! Swallow it like a bitter medicines! 😉 I wrote that long comment, almost like your post, because I am too sensitive as a person if someone shouts yells at me for not so big reasons! My little heart almost feels sick!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I was too scared to encounter her after the ellipsis incident. But eventually I just tried to take the good and ditch the bad. One of the good things was she encouraged me to write and let people read what I was writing.

  5. AW! B..b..but ellipsis puts so much more meaning into the sentence..and you can get the vibe of what the person is trying to portray…I think anyway.

    Btw… Will you surprise us with a leyla and sinan today??? plsss….

    1. LOL that was good Aaliyah! 😂
      She was one of those smiling serial killers then. I am currently suffering with one of those 😧 hopefully she turns normal in a while

  6. I LOVE ELLIPSES!! I use them wholeheartedly in each and every textual conversation 😀 Yeah, of course they shouldn’t be used in a thesis/dissertation work, but in private emails and chats your teacher/supervisor shouldn’t have been so strict. I mean, come onnn… ellipses… are… so… very… harmless…! 😛

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