5 reasons (+1) why I am not a morning person

  1. Because I ALWAYS wake up feeling tired. Doesn’t matter how early I sleep the previous night or whether or not I drank herbal tea to help me sleep I wake up looking and feeling like death’s cousin.
  2. Waking up to an alarm (when I DO actually hear it) is another thing; jumping out of your bed with panicked palpitations cannot be healthy for the old heart.
  3. Waking up for work reminds me of waking up for school and I never wanted to do that as a kid either. So when you WORK in a school, well, that makes that ‘back to school’ feeling worse x10.
  4. I never have the appetite to eat breakfast because again, doesn’t matter how early I wake up; I am always unrelaxed about how late I am running.
  5. Not eating in the morning leads to extra fatigue throughout the day. So I don’t feel fully awake until like noon.
  6. Cheerful People; you guys need to pipe down. For real, I get it, you belong to “Team LOVE Life” … but your piercingly shrill “Good Morning!” is making my ears bleed. And you Crest smile is blinding me. Please. A little consideration for us miserable folk.

Ergo; I am not a morning person. I feel I should point out I love the morning in the holidays when I am NOT working.




  1. Hahaaahaa I can totally relate to this! You made me laugh so much!
    Waking up early is something awful, I really don’t miss working just for that! But guess what?? There is worse than waking up by an alarm clock: waking up by your baby’s cries!! Oh God I love him but it’s horrible for a sleep lover like me, I can NEVER wake up by myself and take my time anymore… 😭
    So enjoy your sleep before having a baby 😉 They always told me this before but I thought they were exagerating..

    Anyway, you work in a school, great! What do you do? I hope for you it’s a primary school because after that kids become teens and they are unbearable hahah
    Another thing, I like the picture but what is this cute thing in your hands?

    1. I can only imagine how much harder waking up to a wailing baby must be 😅 God help all the Mamas out there! Teenagers really are unbearable. It’s an old fashioned pencil case, they used to do these when I was a child.

  2. Well, I am a night owl but also have to be a morning bird because of the children. I will echo Loubnanya and say ‘there is nothing like sleeping-in on weekends once you have younger children! ‘

  3. I *so* share your pain! I am the same way! Except… I can eat anytime, anywhere, lol!! Happily, I now have a part-time job in the AFTERNOONS ONLY! Hehheh. I’m a happy camper!
    BTW, I notice we have the same Penscratch WordPress theme. High five!! 😀

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