I wake up with good intentions…

Hello lovely reader,

You know something? Every morning, I wake up with nothing but the purest of intentions but then, the day happens. Things go wrong, people piss you off and suddenly those intentions evaporate. Actually they are probably still buried deep within you at this point, but you are too wound up to allow them to arise to the surface and show themselves.

This for me, is one of life’s biggest frustrations because I always want to do good, in fact I want to die doing good. I want to make a difference in the world. Sure there is charity and volunteering, but I have always wanted something more. I often (not often enough come to think of it) ask God to bless me with an idea through which I can contribute something to the world and maybe influence one or two people.

So far nothing, but I am still hopeful you know because what is the alternative? I have come across some wonderful projects in the last couple of years that started off as nothing but ideas. This is what I mean when I say the power of ideas is immense guys. Because these projects that started off as nothing but ideas have now escalated into world wide causes and MY GOD am I jealous of the people behind them, like why couldn’t I think of this? But also; wow I really admire what you have going here.

First person / project I love is Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton; a guy who lost his job and went to New York with a camera and started taking photos of strangers and uploading them on social media with a quote acquired from said strangers themselves, instantly creating lovely little story that travels around the world in seconds. The idea is so simple yet so powerful and it grabbed me due to the growth of my own interest in photography. But Brandon branched out after HONY got big and started travelling the world- he is currently covering the stories of refugees in Greece.

So if you initially thought, ok some guy taking photos of pretty girl  on a New York street with her Starbucks cup- boy do you need to think again. This guy is keeping it real, keeping it relevant and providing us with true accounts of tragedies straight from the horse’s mouth. Rather than the selectively filtered and discoloured crap we are constantly being fed through the media.  If you have never heard of him before, he’s all over social media, I follow him on Instagram personally.

Person and idea number two that have blown my mind recently is a little project called More Love Letters founded by Hannah Brencher; a girl who moved to New York and found herself lonely and depressed. Being a lover of words (hello! #CanTotallyRelate) she started writing letters and leaving them around for people to find all over the place. Does it get more simple? She didn’t think; dude this is weird what if people think I am a freak? She just did it! Then she blogged about it (hello!) and the idea blew up!

Today, she has a book and her team runs a website where people can nominate loved ones to receive love letters from all around the world. Who doesn’t love receiving something, other the bills, in the mail? I actually took part and nominated someone and was completely overwhelmed by the response that they received. Twice a month, the MLL website gets updated with new letter requests so check out their site and if someone’s story moves you-write to them. Only 97p for a stamp to the USA from UK, did you know that? Small price to pay to make someone smile. Also check out #moreloveletters on Instagram.

I put all the letters (over 200) in a lovely box for my friend...

I put all the letters (over 200) in a lovely box for my friend…

Idea number three is actually something that everyone is doing these days man. The YouTube industry is taking everyone by storm. People are being paid to make videos about themselves and post them on the internet. Let that sink in for a minute. I have a couple of faves; a hijabi called Amenah who has the most soothing presence mashallah.

Her video content used to be much more interesting to me in the past than it is now as she made videos about life, travel, religion. Now, due to some hate comments she recieved (don’t you just love it when some folk ruin it for the whole team?) she sticks to beauty videos. To me they are blah, because I have no interest in make up, but I know a lot of ya’ll do so check her out.

Second YouTuber whose videos I really enjoy is this guy called Louis. He makes travel videos. I love travel and will probably never get to indulge in it as much as I would like, due to a wallet that doesn’t love me! So, I get to do it through this guy in a way. He does go to places and do things that I wouldn’t imagine me being a part of coz they’re too out there! But for the most part, his content is pretty decent.

I hope this post introduced you to some cool new people and projects to follow. Needless to say, no one is paying me to say this stuff. I am deeply influenced by these people who contribute some good and joy to the world and can only pray I get an idea in this hollow-building brain of mine that will help me do the same one day Inshallah, something meaningful to me…



  1. 🙂 thanks for a nice post, didnt know these people except Humans of New york, that too not the story behind the guy who started it.. We never know what Allah has kept for us for tomorrow, May be you become more successful than them.. Keep up the good work ,:-) and May Allah give you success .:-)

  2. Aww lovely post, I think we all want this, keep praying and working hard!! xox (I loveee humans of new York featuring the greek stories which are soo sad right now cause of refugee stories)

    1. They really are. They serve a good purpose for me. I found my internal voice complaining about some happenings this week and I told it; “shush man we blessed” coz these stories were embeded deep in my mind…

  3. Awww, thanks for sharing! I didn’t know Brandon lost his job before starting HONY! The way that turned out is really inspiring! And OMG that love letter thing is amazinggg! I’d love to try that! Will definitely check it out! How did your friend react when she got all those letters? 😱

    1. She was stunned lol I hope she liked it anyway. I tend to give gifts and run away- like “Santa” if you will. I don’t stick around for the reaction – scares me 😅😅😅

  4. Wow, these are some really amazing ideas and unfortunately for me, the only i know is the Humans of New York though I must say, now, i’m really digging the “more love letters” movement. ☺

  5. I know that burning desire to bring change to the world. Mum has it and passed it on to us.I knew about Brandon and his inspiring story and Amena as well. Both popular among my uni mates. But Hannah and Louis, I got to check out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      1. You met Amena??? 😲😲 No waaay!! So jelly!! Everyone gets to meet someone and I am here with my pouty face on. No faiirrr!! And I bet she is the loveliest person ever. If I had an older sister, it would be Amena!!

      2. I did you know. I don’t know about meet, I saw her and took a picture with her…but we didn’t chat. There were so many people that wanted a photo too. I wrote her afterwards and she wrote back. Such a lovely lady mashallah. May Allah bless her and her little family and shower them with an abundance of happiness x

      3. OMG you lucky duck!! She wrote back to you? How sweet of her!! What I love about her is her realness as in she is not fake like the other Youtubers. Plus she is such a fashion inspiration for me as she dresses modestly and beautifully. And Ameen!!

  6. Thank you sister! Interesting post. I knew those projects but not in details and now thanks to you I am More interested in them. The love letters projects is such a great idea.
    I’m sure you will find a wonderful idea as well since you really want to help!

  7. Lovely post! Particularly identified with the first paragraph and what you said about Amena’s recent posts and your wallet not loving you :D. I did not know the story behind Hony and I hadn’t heard about the love letters. Simple ideas that take the world by storm. May Allah grant us our hearts’ desires to change the world.

  8. Your intentions are pure!
    Facebook is really bumping up it’s video capacity and I would say it’s easier to start on their than Facebook now. Just vlog for your own friends but keep the post public. You could even summarise stuff you write about into vlog format.
    Wishing you all the best!

      1. Good luck
        It could just be just you being you like your blogs to begin with
        Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure it’ll be great.
        I watch a few vlogs on Facebook that are literally my friends recording themselves for 5 mins during a drive home or on their way to work. They’re pretty hilarious.

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