5 un-neccessary things I say upon recieving a compliment

That I really just need to stop saying,

  1. It’s not mine – News Flash; the person complimenting you is either a) being nice or b) making conversation. They are not interested in the history and place of origin of what they are complimenting.
  2. No I am not – in a day and age where being negative about people is sadly more common than the opposite- take kind words where you get them. So if you’re told you are a good listener, LISTEN and take it.
  3. I bought it from… – no one asked, my friend, no one asked. Do not over share.
  4. Oh please / whatever – if someone gives you a beautiful gift wrapped with pretty ribbons would you throw it back in their face or accept it graciously? Exactly, why are you doing the verbal equivelant then when someone compliments you?
  5. Do you actually mean that though? Or are you just saying it? – that awkward moment when you just turned pleasent banter into an interrogation. What did you read last night; How to lose friends and alienate people? #WhatsaMatterWitchooDoe πŸ˜•

All of the above can be replaced with just two words; thank you! Three, if you feel like being extra moist; Aww, thank you! Sort it out brain, come on.

This piece was brought to you by; bored at lunch entertainment. Enjoy the rest of your day 😜



  1. I get a tad excited when people compliment you so I’ll compliment them back on the first thing I see about them which actually ends up sounding sarcastic for some reason, though I never intend for it to be! Like ‘Hey, I like your hijab’ ‘Thanks, I like your face’ Yeah, I realised it sounds weird when I actually write it out…

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