5 things I catch my brain doing that I am NOT cool with

What the title says. Here we go;

  1. Having conversations with its self. Imagine if you will my brain splitting into two people; brain one and brain two and off they launch into some gripping banter. Topics covered include; what shall I have for lunch? Should I get petrol today or risk it until tomorrow? And Tesco or Asda?
  2. Making up completely hypothetical and VIVID scenarios that have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually ever happening. And getting so engrossed in imagining them that I start to smile like an idiot on the bus, at myself in the mirror in the ladies, when I am washing my cup at work; you name it.
  3. Observing everything that’s going wrong during the day and seeking out potential material to dwell on and worry about and laying that ish all over my bed, liquidising it and spraying it in the air all over my surroundings and just taking it all in because worrying is good for the soul brain one tells me. Brain two still deciding between Asda and Tesco.
  4. Shrivelling up into bent out of shape millions (the sweets) whenever presented with anything to do with math and numbers, prompting even little people to laugh at me.
  5. Trodding on common sense because who needs that when you can do everything the complex and anxiety inducing way? #WeLikeAchallenge

Dear Brain, I am getting old. Kindly have mercy on me and be more on my side. Love, me (and your offsrpings; brains 1 & 2)

Brain's cloudier than these clouds.

Brain’s cloudier than these clouds.



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