A Letter from One Mother to Another

I hope the author does not mind me sharing this. If you have not come across it please do read. It is very powerful writing and the content its self is deep… I end this with a prayer for the suffering of people thrown into such situations to end. Let us all gather and do what we can to actively make a difference- charity, shelter, volunteering, raising awareness through WORDS like the author of this post and not by circulating images that are unlikely to touch hardened hearts that have been desensitized to the endless graphic pictures that appear in the media. Every Little WILL Eventually Help. Take the first step.

The Rahma Diaries

Dear Irresponsible Migrant Mother,

What exactly were you thinking when you woke your children in the dead of the night, picking up the baby still asleep? Don’t you know how important it is for children to get enough sleep? They’ll be cranky during the day if they don’t sleep enough. They won’t develop properly if you keep doing this. Children need routine. That baby you’re holding needs to be warm and comfortable, cocooned and safe, like a tiny bud, waiting to bloom in the morning. Those toddlers won’t be able to walk the miles you want them to in the black night in worn out shoes without a good night’s sleep.

What’s that? Speak up. You had to travel at night? It was safer? It was quieter? There was less chance of being discovered? Less chance of being caught if it was dark and the threat that hung over you…

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