The discomfort of a blocked nose…

-is real guys. And there is nothing more you can add to that really. I mean I take pride in choosing quirky titles for my posts. Seriously, take a tour around my blog (drop a like here n der while you at it yeh, safe bruv) ย and you will notice it takes me a while to come up with my titles. Let it thus be a testament (did I spell that right? Is it testament or testimony?) to how fed up I am that I am settling for; the dis-bloody-comfort of a blocked nose.

I ain’t gonna sit here and pretend I can prettify the crappy symptoms of a cold, folks. Alhamdulilah, grace be to God, it could be MUCH worse and it isn’t. The reason I am slightly (ha!) disgruntled is that today was my 1st day back at work. I had plans of going back with a positive attitude- no complaining! Trust me to then get a cold on day 1… I can’t even deal.

I can live with allllll the symptoms of a cold, but a blocked nose hinders breathing! It’s 2am and I cannot sleep because of how uncomfortable I am and I have work tomorrow!!

*Realises she is starting to sound like she has man flu, shudders, swiftly moves on*

Moving on, I figured I would set myself some goals to get me through the first several weeks of work because they tend to drag the worst for me. I just tend to sink into this pit of timed depression where I am counting down to home time, counting down to the weekend, counting down to the big holidays and so on and so forth. Anyone else feel this way?

So the plan is, to (try to) not complain (as much) … don’t judge me, man. Complaining is basically free therapy which makes it a hard habit to break. Then of course I got a cold so that one fizzled as quickly as it began, today. Lol, not so much!

The next plan on my Survival 101 agenda is; do a little something for me everyday. Now, this probably sounds like some excessive lovin’ of self, but hear me out. I think if you have something to look forward to at the end of the day it can really keep you motivated throughout. And it doesn’t have to involve money all the time.

*Don’t point out to me that this is also technically a kind if countdown or else we will fall out*

So today I got myself a cheeky hot chocolate. But I guess I can do other stuff too ย a relaxing bath, read an old favourite, reconnect with my spiritual side, watch a funny programme etc. In fact, what does everyone else do for some relax time? I see you guys ignoring me in the comments ๐Ÿ‘€ don’t think I don’t notice!

That’s about it from ‘feelin-sorry-for-self’ FM. It is around 2.30am and given I have to be up for work in 5 hours, it is probably worth at least trying to sleep. Generate those ‘get well soon’ prayers for me folks. Help a sister out!

Sorry for the (many) spelling errors I expect. Night all!




  1. OMG I love your titles. Gives me life. And I find so hard to come up with titles for mine. I can write essays on my post but ask me to put a title to it and I draw a blank.
    Get well soon. I know the frustration of a blocked nose. You cant breathe, swallow, do anything. It’s like you are dying because you can’t breathe but you are still alive to function and arrrghhh so frustrating. Take a steam facial you know the kind where you cover your face with towel and blow into a pan of boiling hot water or sumthin.
    Answering your question, I just sleep and sleep as my relax time lol.

  2. I can be so bad with titles. I used to be good and now I’ve just gone blank. Any tips?
    Well. I hate blocked noses too. I went through this phase where I used to have the flu all the time and I hated it. I know I’m supposed to suggest stuff but like honestly the flu takes its time ๐Ÿ˜•

    1. Haha I am just overdosing on meds. I don’t think it will help it just has to run its course but it makes me feel like I am doing something so it’s all psychological. As for titles I swear I make it up as I go long. I just what can I put that will make people go ‘eh? What is this nutter on about?’ Lol!

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