5 perks of not wearing make-up

‘There are perks to NOT wearing make up?’ I hear you exclaim. Sure thing, get your head outta the paint bucket and let me walk you through them πŸ˜‰

  1. Those extra few minutes you can sleep in Β the morning coz you don’t have to get up and cake your face.
  2. No one asks you if you are ill on the ONE day you turn up to work with no make up. I have seen it happen to so many girls!
  3. Saving money on all those products. Like yeesh!
  4. Your skin breathes better I am told by people who actually use make up frequently. Means nothing to me, I didn’t even know my skin could breathe but I will take it!
  5. Gaining a little confidence in your self because in a world where looking like the rainbow is encouraged it takes a lot of nonchalance to bare your face !

Disclaimer; I have nothing against make up (ok the hype around it irritates me slightly) and I certainly do not judge anyone who wears it etc in fact I am jealous of your skill. You know what’s funny though? I have been getting a little judgement for NOT wearing it lately.

This is interesting because make up has become heavily synonymous with beauty now when I don’t think there is a strong correlation between the two. My mum worked in a male domintated environment and therefore decided she was more comfortable not wearing make up. As a result, I did not grow up watching her do make up and I didn’t have a sister to copy so I literally had no experience of make up nor did I know what it was about. Until today, make up talk bores me silly!

My “make up bag” does not go beyond moisturiser, eye pencil and Carmex. About the latter, my cousin (the make up enthusiast) says; just save yourself the Β£4 and use olive oil! This cracks me up everytime!

So yeah this is not an attack on anyone but my nose is blocked and I can’t sleep so we’re doing this because otherwise I will keep thinking about my hardcore difficulty in breathing πŸ˜”wpid-picsart_09-02-11.48.41.jpg



  1. I’m very similar to you in that I rarely wear make up. I don’t know how to wear foundation or contour or any of that.
    I do wear mascara and eye liner if I’m going to an event and I do love love love lipstick – so i wear more than you. But even then id only wear lipstick if I need the confidence boost or feel like having a little fun.
    I tots agree with all your 5 things. In fact I can add to it –
    > you don’t need to panic if your fav item becomes discontinued
    > you don’t have to worry about brands not making makeup in your skin tone shade
    > you don’t need to worry about scratching your eyes and having panda eyes
    > you can go straight to bed after coming home – no need to wash makeup off!

    1. Love those! I’ll do eye liner (I have a black pencil and a green pencil) when my eyes look zombified but thats literally about it. I have no knowledge and little interest. Even in weddings one of the girls has to sort me out lol!

    1. I am clueless about it. I irritate my friends when they are putting make up on coz I pick up random things and say ‘where does this go? What does this do?’ Like some kind of child πŸ˜…

  2. I totally agree with you (lol). I know next to nothing about make up and I am always confident in my plain face. My regular staple used to be my eyeliner and lip gloss but these days I hardly remember to use them. My colleagues has given up on me. But been in the fashion industry I know if I want to do photo shoot for my designs I need to make up, I have however promised myself that no murderous red lipsticks and oily foundations, I will try to keep it as natural as possible for the love of my job. #teamplainfaceandbeautiful

  3. Hahaha yay someone like me πŸ˜‚
    I have like no clue how to do make up and I get told off by my friends about it too but I am so much more comfortable without worrying about all that!
    And if you haven’t started then you don’t need it either, in my opinion make up is SO over rated

  4. I always used to wear makeup at school and work but it has become such a nuisance now when my wudoo breaks at work, and I can’t sit at work doing makeup instead of working LOL. So I’ve simply quit wearing it at work and started hoping that I’ll get used to my face being the way it is :P.

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