Nana Speaks; Prayer, Friends & Family

One granddaughter’s quest to put her Grandfather’s words on the map.

If you are wondering what this post / quote is all about, please do read the backstory for it and tell me what you think. To give you a brief recount; my grandfather passed away a few years ago. He left behind plenty of documents from the memoir he was writing that he wanted the world to see one day. I have decided to use this platform to share some of his beautiful words. So, if you took the time to read I thank you.

I have already shared one lot of memories previously, have a read of that here! Here goes batch number two! Enjoy;

So, upon receiving a phone call from an old friend asking about his well-being and wishing him Eid Mubarak, Nana writes;

“This made me feel better after a long time on a wheelchair. It gave me an opportunity in which I gladly felt that I was shaking hands –across many seas and lands- with old friends that I have missed so much.

During the course of my long [stroke] sickness, I have greatly valued the attention from present family members as well. All of whom have been concerned and kind enough to call upon me and give me a ring from time to time.”

Continuing with the theme of prayer, family and friends and  the support system in which they become in one’s life Nana adds;

 “With the support of God, family and friends, Inshallah (God Willing) one can definitely be back on the road- completely and absolutely on top of the world. As I feel that prayer calls serve the healing process, which is one of the reasons why there are praying corners in British hospitals, like chapels.”

Came across this sweet man praying near a loved ones grave as we were doing the same for our loved one...

Came across this sweet man praying near a loved ones grave as we were doing the same for our loved one…

Personal Note;

Reading this has made me so happy. Especially because the first thing we did after being told that Nana passed away was go the quiet room at the hospital (where he died), which was used as a prayer space, and we just prayed and prayed and prayed. Reading that he was a firm believer in prayer being an aid to the healing process (hence the presence of prayer spaces at hospitals) comforts me plenty. It just makes me feel that he would have happy with our course of action post his death.

I hope you are enjoying this series of Nana speaks, please don’t be shy in telling me! Until the next time; I for one am excited at the possible gems I could discover!



    1. Thank you hun, your words mean a lot to me. Ploughing through his writing can be so emotional sometimes. But even when one person appreciates them like I do, it makes it all worthwhile!

  1. It’s really beautiful 🙂 Those words of his remind me how I should think of things like that and appreciate it too 🙂
    I’m glad you decided to share these with us too 🙂

      1. Insha Allah you’ll be reunited in Jannat under the shade of Allah’s throne and you can tell him everything❤ Ameeen

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