She sees ’em rollin . . .

-she hatin’ . . .

Ok, no. I am not hating on anyone. I just have some observations to make, and if my comments come across as a little hateful… well, then, don’t let them! On a side note, I don’t know if anyone can relate but, I struggle (a lot!) to portray what mood I am in while I am writing, like sometimes I am in stitches writing a post and when I read it back I’m like ‘wow, why do I sound mad?’ I mean how many emojis and haha’s can one realistically get a way with in the world of blog before coming off as an over-excited teenager? Vloggers have it so easy man- le sigh! (Also, le joke, don’t send me hate mail vloggers, I’m a big fan of your work.)

Moving on. I have come across a lot of talk on statistics and followers and likes and what-nots on my reader lately. I read one person’s post who said they were fairly new in the blogging world, like days old, and they were nearing 700 followers already. I feel I should clarify they were thanking their followers and not boasting about this. I mean good for them, really! (Wow there is no way to say that without sounding sarcastic is there!), but the mind does boggle, I just though how? I (and of course I will relate it back to me because I am human) have been writing for two years and have 200’ish followers who, by the way, I heart dearly (hey peeps!) Same goes for my other social media, what little of it I haven’t deactivated by now.

My friend and I were discussing this earlier, because we are very cool people like that. She was saying teenagers on Instagram  have like 400+ followers compared to the 100 and something she took a good couple of years to acquire. ‘What are we doing wrong?’ she asked me. First of all, I don’t know if I would use the word wrong, ‘different’ maybe! Second of all, search me, because I haven’t got the foggiest.

Maybe it’s actual active networking? So, the photo someone posts on Snapchat appears a couple of minutes later on Facebook after which it catches the train to Twitter land before hopping off in Insta town? Thus ensuring it is seen and acknowledged by the maximum number of people, like some lame wanted guy on Crime Watch. Is that how it works?  Or maybe it is the whole you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours a.k.a like for like phenomena? Is the secret to simply blog constantly? OR are these people actually just that popular?

I don’t know obviously, but I hope good content weighs into the equation somehow! Whether it is a photo or a blog post, I hope people are taking the time to read before clicking like. Being appreciated is amazing, and I love it as much as the next person does, because ultimately when you blog, you take time out of your day and pen down some thoughts in the hope that someone reads, benefits, likes (actually like not just the button, focus guys!), relates to them etc. So when they connect with your post and like it (I mean the button this time, with me so far?) that’s brilliant and it means something to me and if you say likes don’t matter to you then who are you please? The spirit of Mother Theresa?

Here’s the deal though, I once posted something deep that I was super insecure publishing and it got liked by someone within 15 seconds of me hitting the publish button, like that enter key hadn’t even bounced back to place yet people. -Awkward moment when someone points out that you click the publish button to post rather than hit the enter key- Anyway, I was like oh wow thanks *big smile* shortly after though, I thought; wait but did you read because this is a long post and unless you are Howard Berg *smile rapidly deflating* . . .

It was then that it hit me, likes are nice, follows? Even nicer- Major. Ego. Boosts. But if I am writing about things that I am literally extracting from the deepest corners of my brain, coz it takes some diggin’ guys- not gonna lie, and you are fobbing me off with a pity like… I have no ending to this threat, but I am sure you see where I am going with it.

To summarise, I know it gets said a lot and people just think ‘oh you’re just saying that because people don’t follow you blah,’ but I genuinely would rather have 5 people who read and comment on what I am contributing rather than 217 likes and not one person being able to tell me what I was writing about in the first place. Sure, it would be cool the 1st six times it happens but the novelty of being that kind of popular would wear off soon, I imagine.

If you are still desperate for those numbers to go up, I don’t judge you but I have no advice for you either. I know there are plenty of ‘How to-‘ posts dedicated to this purpose but I am not sure I would listen to them either. You know that cliché ‘everybody is different?’ Well, it’s not a cliché, it’s reality. So I am not going to start posting about contouring because that’s what all the girls are writing about as I don’t wanna conform, but mainly because I have no idea what contouring is or if I am even spelling it right. Make-up is not my friend. Similarly, I am not about to start reviewing the latest Zara skirt because clothes fell out with me way before make up did.

Write what you know. Simple. -Awkward moment when she said she wouldn’t give advice but went ahead and big, fat did it anyway- Someone, somewhere is bound to relate to you complaining about your family, losing your marbles, having a mental break down at work or traveling to an unheard of destination. Persevere. If no one is ‘liking’ your posts then vary the times in which you publish them, familiarise your self with scheduled posting. Because if  the majority of your readers are on the other side of the world, then they are sleeping when you post…I think, geography was never a strength. Don’t go writing about healthy eating because it’s “in” is what-I-am-trying-to-say.

I know what you’re thinking at this point; LONGEST summary ever. Good news though folks, it has come to an end. Now I shall retire to bed and dream that this post got 1000 likes and gave me 100 more followers due to my irresistible wit – I, of course, joke! Haha…ha? 😉

Round of applause for the postcard that inspired the title of this post… (yes I know the song)



  1. I like the post. And I actually did read it – promise! Hehehe 😀

    As long as you are writing from the heart, and staying true to yourself, then even one person who genuinely cares about what you have to say is better than 100 who don’t! 😀 You’re doing well. Keep at it, girl! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh I wonder about that too! Like sometimes you check your blog and there’s a dozen likes in a couple of minutes and you’re like did they even read them to like them? But that’s how it is for some reason. Unfortunately.

    I like people who take out the time to comment on the content because then I know they’ve actually read it 😀

  3. I am just in the middle of writing a draft on the saaaame issue. Wow, great minds think alike lol. And I totally agree with you on everything. Loved your post. Actually read it before liking it, I promise 😀

      1. I am actually scared to post mine. What if mine comes out as hate? I get all passionate when writing about how I feel about a certain topic & when I am done I reread and get scared about hurting or offending anyone.

      2. Hmmm I don’t know. I have a feeling not everyone will share my sentiments just coz I am weirdo in my group. Oh well, let the hate roll in (woop your title reference yaaaay hahah)

  4. Hey 200 followers after two years is still an achievement… I’ve been around here for more than five years I think and recently reached 200 followers LOL :P.

    Absolutely loved this post though! And I totally agree with you; even though numbers look good, it’s much more fun actually interacting with people through the blog comments and so on.

    1. I think younger people must have secrets to more followers or something haha!! Anyway. Thank you so much. It’s a long post and those tend to put people off so I am glad it has gone down well with you guys!

  5. Irresistible wit indeed… and I read the entire post from top to bottom. LOL. U R so correct about authentic interaction between bloggers and quantity doesn’t outweigh quality. Good read!

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I found myself just last night comparing myself to a friend who has waaay more followers than I do and I had to stop myself from falling too far down the self pity hole. I like that you put some humor to this! Great read!

  7. Haha I frigging love this post!! I hate it too when I write something that is agonising and I’ve fought with myself for weeks about whether or not to publish it, and then people just like it within minutes of publication. Like hello, I can SEE you haven’t actually viewed the post you’re just liking it as you scroll down. Ffs. For now I’m sticking to expat, light hearted stuff. No more public soul-exploring. The dilemmas of blogging. 😏

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