Nana Speaks; Questions and Answers

If you are wondering what this post / quote is all about, please do read the backstory for it and tell me what you think. To give you a brief recount; my grandfather passed away a few years ago. He left behind plenty of documents from the memoir he was writing that he wanted the world to see one day. I have decided to use this platform to share some of his beautiful words. So, if you took the time to read I thank you.

“I encountered all sorts of questions on a daily basis by disappointed people desperate for their answers as if I was born to reply to them accurately…”

I have no idea what he was referring to when he wrote this. But I can relate to it so much. I can think of plenty of moments where I felt life and its inhabitants just bombarded me with questions I had no answers to!




  1. Your Grandad sounds like a very cool and approachable person! I read your posts and they make me wish I knew him💕

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