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Whaddup cool background!

Whaddup cool background!

I should really say ‘done’ as opposed to currently reading because I devoured this baby in around 5 hours. I had actually gone to Kindle store planning to buy an epistolary  novel called Attachments by the same author, but I changed my mind because Eleanor & Park was £1.99 – priorities, guys.

Ok, so I am gonna try NOT to do a standard review of what the book was about because that’s what the blurb and wiki are for. Delving straight in, here are my random valuable thoughts on Eleanor & Park; I liked it, it was warm and endearing and I agree with what John Green said on the cover; this book reminds you what it is like to be young and in love with a book!

…the Yay’s!

The names Eleanor and Park are adorable – trust me this matters 

The raw innocence in Eleanor & Park’s relationship is endearing – sure they eat each other’s faces a lot but compared to other x-ratedness out there, this was tame-ish

The chubby girl finally got the guy man – about bloody time!

Walkmans and all things old school  – nostalgia baby! The struggle was real guys, kids these days will never know!

Conversation – I love talk, and when books have lots of talk, I like, simples.

No cell phones – I love how they were given a chance to miss one another due to lack of communication. If anything it makes you appreciate people more!

…the Nays!

If Eleanor “had too much of everything and too little height to hide it”( i.e. she was chubby) this was not illustrated in any of the book jackets I came across – why!

Eleanor, much like Bella Swan, tended to get annoying at times- the balance of being confident but still having insecurities was slightly off  

Overall plot – I like simple, but this plot was almost too simple, I had a few ‘is that it?’ moments

…Lovin’ this Quote!

“All I do where we’re apart is think about you, and all I do when we’re together is panic!”

“I’m not ready for you to stop being my problem…”

There you have it! These are things I enjoy learning about new books. I hope you enjoyed reading and that it made sense if it didn’t I am sorry, it is like 3.11am at my end! Until the next book, give me recommendations – see ya!


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