Calling all Photography Lovers ♥

I feel I should start with a disclaimer; this is not a photography contest, so if you came here thinking that I am sorry, but please do stay, things are about to get interesting. Trust me.

I went to bed last night feeling oh so un-inspired. This happens to me quite often during the summer vacation where I have so much free time and so little to do with it. I am fortunate in that I do get to travel sometimes but, as it happens, this year’s financial situation has doomed me into staying at home.

Last night I posted a different kind of post because I like to challenge myself like that …ish. I decided to shoot a video of street life on a random day out with my little sister. This involved one of my absolute favourite topics to work with; the streets. I often take photos of people on the streets but it was my first time capturing it on video. I am glad I did it and hopefully there will be more where that came from so watch this space.

Whenever I post something, I never know who will read it or take interest in it at all. Initially, I entered the world of blogging with hopeful dreams of being discovered and Fresh Pressed, though between you and me, I had no idea what the latter actually involved- just that it sounded good! Maybe because I am such an introvert in ‘real life’ I wanted to be appreciated in the realm of blogging- I don’t know. But my sole purpose on here was to make it ‘big. I know how silly that sounds, I promise. Now, of course, I love hearing from anyone who is kind enough to stop by and drop a comment. I am also more confident at posting stuff and less worried about ‘how many people will even want to see this.’

A fellow blogger; Judy – I hope I am right in saying- commented on my latest post asking me if I had ever heard of a movie / documentary called Finding Vivian Maier (I hadn’t) because some of my shots reminded her of Maier’s work. Though I had no idea who Vivian Maier was, it was still humbling for my random, clumsy shots to sort of be compared to her work. I take my compliments where I get them. I am grateful like that 😉

Wasting no time whatsoever (see little to do in summer comment above!) I looked up the movie and proceeded to watch this truly fascinating documentary. Man, I was so glad I did. Documentaries like this are exactly my cup of tea to the extent where even if I didn’t love photography, I feel I still would have enjoyed this documentary. Here is the trailer for anyone who has not come across it. I recommend it, a lot;

So to sum up, I went to bed totally un-inspired and woke up feeling nothing but inspired by noon, it truly is funny how life works sometimes.

Now, Vivian reminded me so much of me; an introvert, hot tempered, extremely private and just completely creepy when it comes to taking photos of people on the streets. I know that last one is not necessarily a great quality but it is true. I am happy Vivian got discovered but so sad that she is not alive to enjoy it. Honestly, it truly upsets me when I hear of people doing well post death, just seems really unfair.

Just like good ole’ Viv, my favourite thing to photograph is random people on the streets because they fascinate me. Society frowns heavily on such antics though doesn’t it? If I took pictures of people as much as I liked or wanted to I would probably get arrested or something. I live in England for crying out loud; the land of personal space, privacy and generally minding your own business! So, I mostly indulge in this creepy hobby of mine when I go abroad, I feel that people are more relaxed over there but also I am more confident over there. And sometimes that is what it comes down to isn’t it, confidence, which I, unfortunately, have only in limited supply.

As a private soul, you cannot imagine the guilt I feel at taking people’s photos without their knowledge and -gulp- consent! Trust me I ponder one thousand times on whether to post an image or not before relenting or discarding it eventually. To overcome this issue, which I don’t think Vivian Maier suffered from in the degree which I do, I tend to try and obscure people’s faces to protect their identities and darken their features though I know squat about editing. The ones where peoples faces are showing are photos where the subject knew I was taking the photo but didn’t stop me… who am I kidding I still feel bad.

Anyway, if you made it this far; you are a star, thank you for reading. Judy, thank you for pointing me down the inspiration path this morning and lastly here are some shots I love for your enjoyment;

Students - University Street - Amman

Students – University Street – Amman

Cigarette Break

Cigarette Break

Fellow Enthusiast!

Fellow Enthusiast!

What do you want?

What do you want?

Street Talk

Street Talk

Earning an honest living

Earning an honest living

I couldn't decide which...

I couldn’t decide which…

I love them both!

I love them both!



  1. I always don’t know how to go about it 🙂 Love to take photos of people but don’t wish to appear rude (or ask permission beforehand). A solution is to ask permission once you’ve already taken the photo. And if they say no, you just never use it. 🙂 Thanks for the movie tip.

  2. Lovely. Like where you said about wanting to be discovered. Guess almost everyone who start blagging thought same. I used to too snd it affected me a bit. I stopped blogging but now I am just doing it to feed my passion for writing, to share my dream as a fashion designer and my love for modest apparels. I pray people come across my blog; read and comment to encourage me.But whatever happens I shall continue to put down words.Best of luck sweetie

    1. All the best to you too! It’s interesting you mentioned praying for your blog coz I was thinking yesterday why don’t I pray for this thing? I pray for just about everything else! Actually it is when I decided to stop trying to get noticed that I started to get more traffic on my blog. Funny how things work out…

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