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-ok, no where, and that title was a  blatant copyright infringement of that Instagram couple but anyway! I like to try new things now and then on here, today is one of those days. I don’t know how it will be received as I mostly write and post photos, but today I am sharing our day around town via video! We were on a mission to combat the post Eid blues. Anyway, I am technologically challenged but hopefully this will work! Enjoy…

UPDATE: Ok, so video is stressing me out, sometimes it plays other times it doesn’t. I am having better luck playing it on my phone than PC. I will leave it on for a while, if it won’t play for anyone I shall take it back down.



  1. Thought ur video was really happy and upbeat. I it’s a great idea for a blogger to try a different medium. Great idea. I might try one myself!

    1. I am so happy it did you have no idea how much I suck with technology lol! I plan to make more actually now I (seem to) have got the hang of things. Your words mean alot x

      1. Let me know if you can find it online. Try Amazon Prime and Netflix or just google it. I’m sure a DVD rental place would have it. It is well worth the search. Really amazing and right up your alley!!!

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