Blessing| Ramadan Ramblings

Day 25

The Holy month is slowly but surely coming to an end, there is so much I could have done better but I hope Allah subhanahu wa taala accepts what little I have done inshallah (God willing).

I am Alhamdulilah (praise be to Allah) up to date with my Quraan reading and I cannot wait to read the duaa for finishing the Quraan; always an emotional process to me.

My main aim for the remaining days is to ask for forgiveness and  count my blessings. One of which I am experiencing as I type this. My mother having finished praying joined me on the sofa. She then laid her head to rest on my lap. I feel I should note this isn’t a regular occurance and we are not necessarily what you would call comfortable with being close. We’re very awkward beings! 😅

The emotion I feel at this small action is unreal. Physically I am very uncomfortable as my leg has gone numb and my neck is stiff from trying to stay still for her comfort but I literally cannot will my self to move an inch. I want her to stay there as long as possible because psychologically I am on cloud nine!

May Allah bless my parents and yours inshallah and grant them the highest ranks of heaven bi ithn Allah…




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