Missing in Action| Ramadan Ramblings

Days 20 – 23

Salam to you reading this whoever you are, wherever you are. So, I have blogged surprisingly consistently throughout Ramadan which I am impressed with given how busy I get etc. You may (or may not) have noticed that I did a disappearing act and went MIA post day 19.

This was for a couple of reasons… day 19 brought with it the news of the loss of a loved one so I was not feeling my best. But also, as many of you know the last 10 days were coming up and extra worship is a must during this time and of course worship and the internet are not the best combination.

I have missed it here though, so I thought I would come and visit you all for 10 minutes real quick and urge you to stay bright! We have done it and we are almost there. If you have slacked so far, now is the time to pick things back up! We still have 3 odd nights coming up and one of them could be the night !

Please don’t get disheartened and think you are not worthy of God’s time and mercy because you don’t do enough. Most of the time, these thoughts are a trap that pounce on you and drag you to a very dark place. Don’t go there. Some worship is better than none- this has always been my view. So don’t be one of those that thinks “if I am going to hell I may as well do it thoroughly!”

Look after yourself and take it from me, you’re doing great.





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