I am bad | Ramadan Ramblings

Day 18

When I listen to Islamic lectures, I relate more to a funny sheikh. I know that’s not the number one quality to look for in a person of knowledge discussing serious matters. But personally, I feel if they are not overly serious I can relate to them more, they scare me less and the content is absorbed better.

Some people are not like that at all in fact some people are actually motivated by fear and by hearing the consequences of wrong doings etc. To each their own right?

As long as you don’t get sucked into the bubble of ‘God will forgive everything I do so I won’t even try’ OR the doomsville of; ‘I am so bad I am sentenced to hell so why try’… you’re entitled to your own views.

Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan is a wise man mashAllah. He is funny in his lectures and uses both Islamic citations and human psychology in his content.

I have attached one of my favourite clips from one of his lectures. I dedicate it to those who often, much like myself, find themselves in a really bad head space where the doors of forgiveness seem completely unattainable.

Do not surrender. Even when you feel so, so bad, Allah still has time for you.

Until day 19, peace ✌



  1. He’s one of my favs too. Others I like are abdelrahman murphy & majed Mahmoud (I don’t know about his online stuff but I’ve met him in person and he’s hilarious!)

      1. Majed Mahmoud is actually really good as well Masha Allah & he’s got a channel on YouTube but the two you mentioned above are some of my favourites. They are really funny and I think there’s more connection because of this. And Shaykh Nouman Ali Khan especially says things that are very easily related to.

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