Headache in my Eye| Ramadan Ramblings

Day 17

How about that for a catchy title, eh? Seriously though that is what it feels like. In other news, the heat wave that has been roasting us recently seems to have subsided for now thank God for that.

In fact, yesterday when I woke up for Fajr it was raining. When I was reading Quraan post Fajr, I heard some pretty unreal thunder prompting me to quickly google the duaa (prayer) for thunder. I think that is why there was a bit of a breeze today. Truly, after all that heat, the cool air was a welcome relief. May this blessing last until at least the end of Ramadan!

In other, other news, I am trying to eat healthily these last few days. I started off really well food wise on the first few days of Ramadan then I just got silly with the junk food towards the middle. So now, I am trying to do some much needed damage control inshallah.

Salmon not Samosa 😏

Salmon not Samosa 😏


One comment

  1. Salaam, I know what you mean about the trying to eat healthy… that plan went downhill for me around day 5! I similarly have been writing about my Ramadan experience, so please have a read & follow me back 🙂

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