Listen to me| Ramadan Ramblings

Day 16

Ok, so, to everyone judging people who are obsessed with TV during Ramadan instead of doing worship acts etc- don’t. Not because I am defending television in Ramadan nor am I promoting it. It is of course better to worship and do useful, productive and spiritual activities during this month. Here’s the thing though…

If there is one thing I do remember growing up in the Arab culture in Ramadan was that it brought with it an influx of soap operas. In fact that was one of the main things that people looked forward to in Ramadan; comedy programmes and dramas on television.

There was a very specific ritual of worshiping and cooking during the day and after breaking the fast and cleaning, people would park themselves in front of the television and have some family time until time for suhoor, before eventually going to sleep.

Again, I am not promoting this but trying to shed light on the fact that for many people this is a cultural practice they were brought up with so be understanding and don’t rush to judge people. Old habits are indeed hard to break, especially ones you associate with fond memories.

Besides I always try and find the good in everything. Though TV is mostly a waste of time (reality shows!) it does show useful and educational things too like news and documentaries and what not.

Moral of the story; let us not judge, let us understand. Let us advise gently not attack.

And Allah knows best ☺



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