Shattered| Ramadan Ramblings


Day 13

The presentation for this chai and pakoras pic is on point 👌I must say *sense the sarcasm people* …

I am so tired and drained. The weather in the UK is not the one this week and it is expected to get worse and by worse I mean hot which is ironic coz to the rest of the world this turn in weather is actually for the better.

I continue to persevere hopeful for God’s reward. I wish I can report new happenings but my life is a routine at the moment of work, prayers and eating not forgetting the odd useless activity (I can’t seem to resist) now and then.

Food is cheering me up. The prospect of weight gain? Not so much! Almost half way through guys.

Let us stay strong!



  1. It’s is difficult but inshallah with hardship comes ease. I hope that Allah accepts the fasts from us, sees we are struggling to please Him and rewards is accordingly. Wishing you all the best!

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