Alone| Ramadan Ramblings

Day 11

Alhamdulilah (Praise be to God)

We have made it to day 11, I wish I could say I was feeling new and rejuvenated, but I feel ok, and ok is not so bad. Before I get arrested by the positive police; ok is alive, ok is healthy which therefore makes ok a blessing, Alhamdulilah. I have been feeling pretty pressured lately by this expectation that we all turn into floating angels during this holy month.

There is nothing wrong with being good all the time and if this description fits you then great I am happy for you. Teach me how! Me? I am flawed, very, very flawed. Had it not been for Allah’s command that we must conceal our wrong doings, I would fill this post with all the crap I have been doing instead of worship this week. But you know what? I always return to worship post said crap and for that I am thankful and for God’s forgiveness I remain hopeful.

Every Ramadan I like to make a list of Duaa (supplications) but to balance it out I make a list of things to be thankful for. And of course all my thanks goes out to God and then everyone around me who is making me smile.

I am grateful for my folks, especially my mother without whom we would have definitely gone hungry this month because the kitchen and I have been enemies since birth.

Behind the Scenes of Mama's cookin ♡

Behind the Scenes of Mama’s cookin ♡

I am actually thankful for Ramadan falling during work times (which surprises even me!) because working distracts me from the thirst and hunger and keeps me going, though not gonna lie, the weekend is always a welcome relief.

I am thankful for this guilty conscience of mine that has me doing the walk of shame back to the right track whenever life’s distractions come my way.

I am grateful for family, dysfunctional though we may be. After God, we are all each other have really.

In terms of Duaa, a couple of things have played on my mind lately. I have been overwhelmed by this feeling of being alone. I know why as well, it is people with their not so helpful reminders that you are unmarried. I have talked about this before in an old post  that is close to my heart (27, single & searching for the one…not) where I explained that it is all good, that only that which is written will happen. People need to chill. If anything my (lack of) career is stressing me out more than marriage. So anyone wanna hook me up with some duaa for the old career it would be much appreciated 🙂

3 days ago - last I heard from my family.. I entrust their safety and wellbeing to Allah (swt) for he is the peotector of everything.

3 days ago – last I heard from my family.. I entrust their safety and wellbeing to Allah (swt) for he is the best protector…

The other thing playing on my mind a lot lately is Yemen -sigh- I dedicated my very first post on this blog to Yemen. I then talked about the unfortunate war that seems to have hit the country where I grew up. I spend days worrying about my family and nights having nightmares about them. My hands are tied and the only way I can help them out is Duaa. I implore you to join me to pray to God to end the war in Yemen and protect my family and it’s people.

Why stop there? Let us all pray for all who are currently living in a state of war. May Allah subhanahu wa talaa end the war and put a stop to their suffering. May he strengthen their faith and lift all worry and burden from their hearts and replace it with joy and peace of  mind…




  1. Ameen
    Allah loves those who sin and return back to him. And even if our sins fill the whole earth He will still forgive us if we ask. SubhanAllah. So stay hopeful and keep walking that walk of shame back – because like you said it’s a blessing!!
    What sort of career are you hoping for?

      1. My sisters in a similar position. What’s she’s done is first think about what things she’s good at. She’s got a science degree so it’s pretty versatile but as in what specific thing she’s good at. She also thought about the kind of hours she’d like to be working (no point aiming for the investment banking world if she only wants to do 9-5). Then she thought about if she likes presenting, team work, working alone etc – those type of core skills. And she put those together to choose various places she could apply for.
        Perhaps that could work for you?
        Wishing you all the best!!

      2. Thank you so much I myself am trying to do a similar brain storm, it can be a lonely and frustrating process…but inshallah kheir. Keep me in your duaas please ☺

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