Binge Fest| Ramadan Ramblings

Day 7

I have been pretty good food wise during this Ramadan so far. I know it has only been 7 days. But in previous Ramadans I used to binge like crazy which gave me instant gratification but I would hate feeling so bloated later on.

If anything, I have probably been under eating this week. I have even lost a (tiny) bit of weight (shame on me for checking!) It feels good not to be so bloated all the time. Green tea helps me a lot to get rid of that heavy feeling after you eat actually. If anyone fancies trying that.

ANYway, given the emotional wreck that is my mind lately, I just felt like binging last night, being healthy be damned so I did just that. I had like an iftar party.

And you know what? It felt nice to have a break. I probably wont be binging everyday but a break in routine now and then is just what the doctor ordered I think.

Now, if you’re fasting I apologise in advance for the image below. But mashAllah we are all more strong willed than to be affected by a lovely shot of donuts (she says!)

Until day 8; buhbye!

Mmmmmm 😍

Mmmmmm 😍



  1. I usually eat till I pass out but haven’t this year either. Instead I have a fruit shake with protein powder. Satisfying, healthy and curves the junk food craving.

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