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Day 6

Ok so, I have been on a downer the past two days, forgive me. It is a combination of not being very well and having ups and downs at home and work. I am trying to deal with it as best as I can inshallah.

Anyway! I figured I would share something cheerful and useful (I hope) today and that is; books! Hands up who loves books! Me!

Side note: I don’t know why I blog like that, I don’t even talk like that in real life! 😅

Swiftly moving on. I read all sorts. Most I am sorry to say not very life changing (darn you addictive chick lits!) Recently I have been trying to balance things out nicely by reading more benficial books. It’s going ok- but there is always room for improvement.


The most important book to read during this month is of course the Holy Quran. Other useful books are the three I have been into.

Don’t be Sad by Dr Ayed Al Qarni is possibly my favourite book on earth. It is like healing ointment to the sick heart. When this book was recommended to me I got all like mock offended at the insinuation that I was always a grump- I don’t know why it’s not that far off! 😅

From Don't be Sad

From Don’t be Sad

But anyway, the beauty of this book is you don’t have to read it cover to cover. In fact I’ve owned it for years and my favourite way to read it is to leaf through the contents page pick a topic I like et voila!

My other favourite thing about it is that this guy quotes people from all walks of life not just from the times of the Prophet (Allayhee Asalaat Wasalam) but poets, historians and Shakespeare for crying out loud. This makes it perfect for all even non muslims. In fact I gifted a copy to a non muslim. You don’t have to purchase it though, last I checked the whole book is availabe on the internet. Just type the title in Google.


Book number two is Purification of the Heart by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. This book focuses more on illneses of the heart and their cures. It is very practical. It was not as easy to read as DBS but I think it is very relevant to today.

Enjoy Your Life

Sometimes our reaction to mistakes is even worse than the mistake its self…

The third book is in Arabic and is called Enjoy Your Life. It is not often I read in Arabic. In fact the Quran is probably the only Arabic book I read. So when I do find Arabic books I can manage I get pretty happy and when reading them nostalgia hits me full force transforming me instantly back to childhood.

This book is basically what it says on the tin. Full of tips on how to enjoy life with quotes from Islamic history thrown in for good measure. I love that at the end of every few pages there is a bitesize tip.

So there you have it, that is what I have to look forward to today; a readathon. Hope day 6 is going well for all of you who are fasting. Those of you whom fasting does not apply to; how cool are you for still reading this? 😉 Until day 7, buhbye!



  1. My friend just got me Enjoy your Life & Masha Allah it’s such an amazing book! Mine is in English though – I’m not that cool yet lool

    1. Haha, I dunno if I am that cool either. Wow I might check out the English version, you know. How do I find it? Is it literally called Enjoy your Life coz I just translated that loosely from my head.

  2. MashaAllah – I have both the Hamza Yusuf book & Don’t Be Sad. I’ve also read bits and pieces of Enjoy Your Life. Awesome choices!

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