A moment of Mercy| Ramadan Ramblings

Day 4

I really question humanity sometimes. I think if we all had more mercy in our hearts the world would be a different if not better place.

I am not going to lie, I am not sensing the Ramadan vibe today. I feel angry and sad and that is a dangerous combination. It is business as usual nonetheless, I am still praying and reading the Quran in the hope of calming down eventually.

As I was driving with a black cloud hovering over my head, I witnessed something strange. I saw a bird that was run over in the middle of the street. The strange part was this; there was another bird that was hovering around it despite the oncoming traffic. I stopped the car and watched it walk back and forth, around and next to the dead bird.

I know nothing about animal behaviour so for all I know it was sticking around to eat it. But to me, it almost felt like it did not want to fly away and leave the dead bird’s side. It was a moment full of mercy.

I’m not an animal lover per se (they scare me and they don’t exactly smell of roses. I feel I should point out I would never hurt one) but what I saw today really touched me deep. I sat there mesmerised and in awe wishing that we as humans displayed mercy similar to this more often.





  1. There are signs in the smallest of things. Use them to wake you from a bad mood. When your down let a cloud remind you of heaven and the beauty of Allah’s mercy insha’Allah your worries will feel insignificant to the vastness of a never ending sky.

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