Dua’a is not Amazon.com| Ramadan Ramblings

Day 3

I absolutely adore Dua’a and I believe in the power of it without a shadow of a doubt. I genuinely believe some things in life just would not have happened to me had it not been for dua’a. Graduating for instance and passing all of my exams.

Dua’a of course, if you are reading this and have no idea, is supplication; the act of asking God for whatever you want, anything your heart desires and just waiting for him to make it come true.

Yes, dua’a doesn’t always come true and there are reasons for that that you and I are oblivious to. In situations like this you either accept it and move on, or do some editing to your dua’a in the hope that God will accept.

But when you prayers are answered you truly feel like you are flying. I do anyway! It is important to remember not to give up on dua’a which is easy to do when you don’t get what you want. In fact in situations like this you have to realise, as Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan put it; Dua’a is not Amazon.com! Be patient. God is listening and he knows best.

I leave you with a short video explaining what I mean.  It’s not the best quality but watch it; it is funny, light-hearted and very reassuring. Until day 4, enjoy!


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