I do miss… |Ramadan Ramblings

-the perks of observing Ramadan in a muslim country.

Day 2

It is a totally different experience. You get priveleges that are unavailable to you in non muslim countries.


For instance, it is a legal requirement to reduce working hours during Ramadan in order to allow people to be free for worship and all the other activities that this holy month brings with it.

Also, did you know that work actually starts late in the morning during Ramadan? Some people don’t begin until about 11.00am which is bliss when you have been up very late to pray and read Quran. I would love to start work late it would help the fatigue at work, a lot.

This one is more ‘interesting fact’ rather than a perk- Did you know that some food courts in malls actually refuse to sell people food and drink before Maghrib time in Ramadan? I never knew this one & it even surprised me a little.

Other than all of the above, there is a wonderful sense of unity when almost the whole country is fasting with you and breaks their fast at the same time as you. The last perk I guess is that the fastings hours are more do-able. So yep, I do miss observing this month in a muslim country sometimes. Perhaps one day I will be able to do so again.

It is worth mentioning that fasting in the UK has its perks too if you look hard enough, like the immense reward waiting for us (inshAllah) for enduring the fast hours but also that an effort is made to make you feel included in your local store!

Every little DOES help Tesco...

Every little DOES help Tesco…

Until day 3 then, it is 7.30am and I should get going to work.

Happy fasting!



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