Long Hours! | Ramadan Ramblings

Day 1

Many get excited by the holy month of Ramadan but some get apprehensive, particularly about the long hours which we have to fast depending on where in the world you live. And the hours are mighty huge but so inshAllah is the reward for fasting them.

It is, sadly, very easy to get sucked into the “isn’t Ramadan so hard” banter. I  am personally trying to be careful what I say. It is like I said hard, we’re getting older, some people are not in the best health and of course the weather sometimes does not help.

I guess one way to look at it is; Ramadan is a gift from God rather than an imposed hardship. It’s God’s ways of saying ‘sure you haven’t been doing so great lately, but here’s a blank slate to start again, take it from me to you, no questions asked.’

Now when you look at it that way, doesn’t it make everything seem much easier and almost worth it? Well if that didn’t do the trick then maybe this will put things into perspective; wherever you are there is probably one place that has to fast way more hours than you. Counting blessings is the one; Alhamdulilah.


This was sent to me presumably from Huffington Post Website



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