’tis the season to be fasting!

Ramadan is pretty much here & it seems like last Ramadan was only here yesterday. That is the thing about time though; it is a puzzler. For the most part, I feel like time flies. I mean it is June already and yet it seems like only yesterday that the world was making New Year’s Resolutions. Time acts differently when we go through hardship though doesn’t it? It is almost like it comes to a complete hold increasing our pain ten-fold.

Coming back to Ramadan, it is one of those times of the year, as I covered briefly not long ago, that I struggle with more than others. I am not a calm and patient person by nature contrary to what I claim on my CV. So restraining from snapping at anything that breathes when I am annoyed is difficult.

Still, this blessed month is a chance to test yourself and push yourself to strive for betterment in all aspects of life. For the last couple of Ramadans I had been doing some prep that I plan to carry forward to this Ramadan. It is nothing major per se just a few bits and bobs to see me through.



My physical copy of the Quran becomes my bestie during this month as I often rely on Quran apps to read. But I like to use to real deal during Ramadan. I happen to love my copy as well I have owned it for over 14 years and Mashallah it is still in good condition.

Good reading material during Ramadan is essential as it is so easy to get distracted and read the trash I normally like to indulge in from which I learn nothing- guilty pleasures and all that! I’ll save it for Eid.

My choice of book has to be The Sealed Nectar. I bought it last Ramadan and though it is a tad on the pricey side- it is worth it. It is a wonderfully illustrated book and you don’t tire from reading it.

I know the vaseline is random but fasting tends to take its toll on my lips and I researched and asked around until I was informed that it is permissable to use non flavoured lip balm for relief provided you don’t swallow anything and God knows best.

Further Essentials!

Further Essentials!

Ramadan preps are not complete until every Arab household has purchased the above; jelly, creme caramel and bread crumbs. Not to mention the more obvious oil and flour in bulk etc. Where my Arabs at? Back me up, ha! It is one of those conssitently comforting Ramadan traditions that stem from my childhood.


Sneak peak…

Here’s a tip that I came across a few Ramadans ago that came in handy. It is customary to complete reading the Quran during this month. At 30 heavy chapters this can seem like the most daunting task. But I read somewhere that…

If you allocate yourself one chapter per day the task becomes easier. To simplify matters further think of it this way; each chapter is 20 pages roughly. Divide 20 pages by 5 prayers a day you average out reading 4 pages after every prayer & before you know it you are have completed the Quran in 30 days!

This tip essentially saved my life 2 Ramadans ago and I managed to complete the Quran for the 1st time ever. Brilliant feeling- I thought I would spread the love 😉

Watch this space for daily (hopefully) Ramadan ramblings! Until then; buhbye!


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