Honestly…? Better Late than never.

I have no idea what the right answer to this is. My thoughts on this matter definitely vary with age. When I was younger for instance, I believed that honesty was always, 100% the best policy, regardless of the situation or consequences.

To some extent I still believe this. Ultimately it’s always better to be honest than lie, especially if your lie is bound to come to light. But as with any rule there are exceptions and the only way to to do the right thing, in my opinion, is to treat each situation that requires honesty independantly. Break it down and analyse it and weigh up the pros and cons of being honest and telling the truth.

This is not going to be recieved well, but it’s the ugly truth I guess. I’m not saying lie. Rather, that people shouldn’t be so willing to volunteer information as much as they seem to do these days. I see it a lot with couples, actually.

It’s like there is a secret vow they take. They tell each other absolutely every little detail about their past under the banner of honesty when this could potentially cause problems and create rifts between them in the future. In cases like this, I think honesty is overrated. Then again, I hate conflict and argument so I am bias.

Hiding things from people that actually concern them directly is THE WORST. Don’t do that, to anyone. Not even in the name (or should I say lame coz that’s what this excuse is) of “I had your best interest at heart.” In cases like this honesty works best even if it, I dunno, makes someone hate you – do it. At least you won’t take the burden with you to bed every night.

But like I say, I feel differently about this topic the older I get. So this time next year, who knows, I may go back to being  Team 100% Honesty Reagardless of Anything. It’s a wacky world.

No, honestly, it is.

See what I did there.

This image is a completely DIShonest representation of the British summer so far this year

This image is a completely DIShonest representation of the British summer so far this year

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”


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