Spend no money Saturday

I like to treat myself in the weekend so this morning when I woke up, I was already thinking it; go to my favourite café, grab a hot chocolate, maybe some cake and eventually some lunch. Maybe I’ll go see a movie, then get my hair straightened at the hairdressers coz I can’t be dealing with it alone.

Then it hit me; all the above will cost money. Money I don’t have to spend. So, in an act of rebellion I decided to see if I could go without money this Saturday. A little experiment if you like.

I replaced my café bought hot chocolate with home-made indian tea, with all the spices and I made the tea bubble, just like tea served in the chai stands in India (I imagine, I’ve never actually been 😦 )

I straightened my own hair, it didn’t feel as relaxing as when someone else does it for you and I didn’t do a perfect job. But, it cost me nothing but a now aching arm 👌

I did my nails 💅 free of charge. I promise I’m not girly, but going to the movies would have cost money… doing my nails did not.

I nearly gave in at lunch and ordered something, but I persevered and made a jacket potato that was SO huge that I could not finish it. And I ended the day with a freebie Laddoo (very sweet indian sweet!) that my folks got for me!

All in all the experiment has been a success. I have spent £0.00 so far today and I like those figures! I’m not gonna lie, it hasn’t exactly been fun, I kindda started getting bored and wanted to go outside (where I would have undoubtedly spent some money if not a lot) but it has definitely been an interesting and different experience.

Maybe the next challenge should be how to go out, have fun and not spend a dime!

And on that note;



This killed the old arms...

This killed the old arms…

Disclaimer; I am not girly

Disclaimer; I am not girly



Laddoo ♡ (Indian Sweet)

Laddoo ♡ (Indian Sweet)



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