Get to know me- or not, you know, it’s all good ;)


So when I started this blog it was due to my sheer love for writing that I had no outlet for. My dream of being a published author just wasn’t happening because I wasn’t doing anything about it don’t actually know where one would start the process of trying to get published. Not to mention that I have no idea what to write about. Alas, no wizards are coming to my thoughts and certainly no vampires are visiting me in my dreams… so blogging it was.

I have been doing it for about a year and a half but not as frequently as I would like because life tends to get in the way. Anyway, I have recieved a notification that I have 100 followers! I know to some this is not a big number and possibly not all of them read me… but still! So to celebrate- I am sharing 10 random facts about me, I was going to do 100 to match the followers, but I don’t wantย to spoil you too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok, so here goes nothing;

1. I am not a professional but I love taking photos. This blog was also secretly to share my photos to a wider audience than my instagram. That’s why I always try and include photos with every post and they are always taken by me!

2. I am not a girly girl. To make a point, my mother occasionally introduces me to people as her son. I don’t always correct her.

3. I am very socially awkward. I much prefer talking to people via messaging and find it easier to talk to complete strangers than people I know sometimes.

4. Food is my one true love. I eat when I am happy AND when I am sad. I don’t discriminate like that ๐Ÿ™‚ my bmi hates me by the way.

5. For someone who is quite “moody & miserable” by reputation, I spend an awful lot of my time trying to make people smile. Some days this isn’t even because I am nice but because Karma is watching, ha!

6. If I order a burger and fries (see how I steered it right back to food? I wasn’t kidding!) I will always eat my fries then start on my burger. I cant eat both at the same time. I have no logical explanation for this.

7. I have no idea where my career is heading and I am doing little about it. It’s sort of like watching a train coming towards you at full speed, knowing you should do something, but feeling absolutely paralised.

8. English is not my 1st language. I have a knack for learning new languages. If I like the sound of a language I pick it up pretty quickly. I have so far managed to teach my self 2 languages (no books, no lessons.) I’m not completely fluent but if I got lost in those countries I would be able to ask for help. I hope. Once I got past the social awkwardness (see fact no.3).

9. My faith is my sanity. I would be pretty lost without it and only wish I had the strength to turn to it more in times of need.

10. I have this obsession with visiting new, cute coffee shops particularly independant ones… but what do I order when I get there? Hot chocolate.

If you made it this far, there you go… you now know 10 things about me you didnt before! That’s a big deal you know… I’m pretty private ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. Congrats on reaching 100 followers. That’s such a big number like wow.
    Loved getting to know more about the person writing away behind a screen. It’s like you can almost start imagining the person’s personality, i shall stop because that’s sounding creepy.
    Actually I am stalking your blog now which you must have already guessed by notifications popping up on the screen. It’s like reading short stories haha.

    1. Haha! I am flattered trust me. No one followed me in the beginings so a lot of my posts went unread so I am happy someone is reading them now. I am like the biggest creep so no judgement here lol

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