This little anger problem of mine…

I don’t think I am someone who gets angry per se. What happens to me is actually worse; I get sad and miserable and torment myself with endless questions that I have absolutely no answers to. I feel that anger in away would be more merciful to the soul as it allows you a small window of releasing tension. It’s hard to think of one situation where I felt this way, but because I know you are truly interested ( 😉 ) here’s a few things that make me mad;

1. Being belittled by anyone, regardless of who they are. Whether it is an older family member or someone higher up than you at work, there is no reason to speak to people in a demeaning manner because you can. I have had this done to me recently and boy did that rage quickly turn into tears of fury. Justifying your existence by belittling others sure is a waste of life.

2. Being kept in the dark- it’s a horrendous feeling, like you are trapped in a dark cave, you can see the light but cant quite reach it. I like to know everything that involves me. I don’t know if that is healthy, but I know it buys this paranoid person some sanity. So if something happens and you knew and chose not to tell me and I find out all of this – suffice it to say you won’t be hearing from me anytime soon as a result of how hurt I would feel, not even angry. Honestly, I know it sounds mental but when I sense something is being done without my knowledge I feel pretty betrayed. I have a guilty enough conscience that prevents me from doing this to others. Is it too much  to expect the same?

3. Not siding with me. Ok, this one is pretty childish because obviously everyone is prone to making mistakes so people can’t always side with you. I dunno though, if you choose to talk about an issue that is bothering you with someone then it’s either because a) you want advice or b) you want to hear them tell you that it does suck and you are right to feel that way. Sometimes being told the sky is clear on a rainy day is just what the doctor ordered. I am more emotional than practical – can you tell?

Meh, who said anger had to make sense?

Being kept in the dark is the same as being trapped in a dark cave...

Being kept in the dark is the same as being trapped in a dark cave…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mad as a Hatter.”


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