Where have you been Wednesday

I, conversation addict, willingly took Whatsapp leave for a duration of, wait for it, 10 whole days. Now, I know this seems like nothing, but given that I am very active on the chatting app. and have sometimes been known to check it for messages every 10 / 15  minutes, this was an interesting achievement for me.

Why did I leave it? Because I am going through an ‘I just need to be alone’ phase, triggered  by the various, unfortunate goings-on in one’s life. When I get to this stage of feeling down, I become like any technological device- I need to shutdown completely before I can restart again.

Like with any addiction, it was hard at first not to just forget about the whole thing and get back on the app. However, after a few days it got easier and became almost like a little experiment for me to see how long I would last.


Here’s what I learnt in those 10 days;

  • It goes without saying, but it is pretty amazing what you can accomplish when you are not constantly chatting on the phone. I read a whole book! I haven’t had the desire let alone time to finish a book in like forever!
  • I have come to the realisation that; if people truly want to be a part of your life, if they care about your well being, there is not a force on this earth that can prevent them from trying to find out if you are ok.
  • On the other hand, people you thought would rush to your side in a crisis end up surprising you – and not in the good way.
  • Your value to others becomes pretty apparent and it makes you realise that you need to sort out your priorities.
  • The absence of that sense of panic about missing a call / message is blissful.
  • Genuinely not knowing which part of the house you left your phone in and not particularly caring is pretty liberating.
  • The welcome back / where have you been messages you receive upon your return are unbelievably touching.

All in all, the whole experience has definitely been food for thought.



    1. It was a very enlightening 10 days. It was only when my grandmother told me that I was indirectly pushing away some loved ones in the process of boycotting it that I thought life is too short not to keep in touch with people 🙂

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