Sono da Solo Sunday


What is it about Sunday that makes it just the loneliest day, which in turn, makes it the worst day of the week – perhaps even worse than Monday.

For most, Sunday is a day for having a cheeky lie in, consuming an excess amount of food and making time to read that book . For me, not so much.

Sunday reminds me that the weekend is over, that routine is beckoning me back into its dark embrace, that life doesn’t really inspire me anymore no matter how hard I will it to.

But… I try and look for the slightest blessing in everyday. Granted, some days I have to look very hard. The blessings are there in abundance but the heart and mind are not easy to please even when something good is staring them right in the  face. Such, is human nature.

Or maybe I am just selfish. But, God I hope it isn’t the latter.

The loneliness of this Sunday drove me to go for a walk. My feet led me to the most charming little store full of the prettiest vintage items (pictured above) where I spent a long time and bought nothing but walked out feeling lighter.

Go figure.


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