Something to say Saturday


I am trying really hard not to start this post with; I have little confidence in me. Looks like it is going to happen anyway, but hear me out.

Confidence is one of those gifts that not everyone is fortunate enough to possess. It is a blessing to have it in this day and age though because without it, life and the people in it could be very cruel indeed.

Take the dancing man for instance. His story reduced me to tears this week, I know nothing about him other than he was some guy having a good time (or trying to) when, lo and behold, some people took it upon themselves to humiliate him because they could. Ironically it is bullies like this that are viewed as confident, because they have no reservations about raising their phones and breaching someone’s privacy like that. That behaviour is praised by social media as ‘gutsy’ isn’t it?  Still, it worked out well for Sean in the end and he got his happy ending. What do you know; there remains some justice in the world.

Sean’s story aside, I want to brush on how it is slightly unfair to judge people based on their confidence or lack thereof. It happens almost everywhere and in every aspect of life; school, work and even social situations. Not everyone is good at being confident, it might come naturally to some but others have to work at it with some even having to fake it. Why? Because it is necessary, sort of like a survival mechanism.

Take job interviews for example. I could rant for days about how I think a job interview is an unjust way of determining whether or not a person is suitable to work. It’s not often you hear of a nervous candidate getting the job is it? Employers love you to be confident; you are somehow deemed more trustworthy and capable of performing what is required of you if you talk the talk.

What happens to the people then, who grew up insecure? Who were knocked down by life and its inhabitants a few times? Who are just timid by nature? Who perhaps come from cultures where being confident is in fact a negative quality because modesty is perceived as a far better trait to have? They might be perfect for the job in many ways; their only fault being is they fall short when it comes to selling themselves to potential employers.

Another example is school; we all know that if you are not confident at school you have basically been sentenced to being at the bottom of the food chain. You run the risk of being eaten alive, ridiculed and possibly spend a lot of your time hiding in the library or signing up to whatever clubs that would have you.

Social situations are awkward for the ‘unconfident’ as well, aren’t they?  People find themselves wanting to strike a balance between putting themselves out there so as to not become invisible and comfortably blending into the background where they are back in their comfort zone.

Being confident is definitely a positive thing. I am not debating that, but at the same time I wish that not being confident or as confident as others wouldn’t be viewed as such a ‘negative’ thing because this makes those who don’t have this characteristic go to extreme lengths to try and acquire it thus losing some of their personality, and sanity, in the process.

Everyone is different.

You know that saying; never judge a book by its cover? I know many people that try and actively put that advice into practice when selecting reading material. If we are willing to show that much understanding towards ink and paper, why not do the same for flesh and blood?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”


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