Breaking the Law

Hello world!

Or you know, handful of people reading this…

Breaking the law is not something I am going to be able to write about with ease because generally speaking I am not even someone who breaks rules, let alone laws.

Of course I could write an essay about the importance of differentiating between rules and laws etc. but I won’t because, you know, I have work tomorrow and it’s a school night and all that gripping stuff.

Anyway, this (normally ) law abiding citizen did break the law the once, ironically in an attempt to get to work. Yep, speeding. A month of Sundays ago. I am not proud of it and I certainly don’t make a habit of speeding. Those who know of my driving can vouch for this.

It’s a pretty pathetic defence but; it just happened, I was only doing 5 more than I should have and I was already running late so I didn’t think twice about hitting the accelerator in order to make it on time. It was on a big open road, no schools or children nearby thank God for that.

I paid my time for that crime by attending a speed awareness course that admittedly was not how I wanted to spend my well earned weekend but I was grateful that I didn’t get points on my licence instead.

Sinfully boring though it was, they show you a video at the end of the course that features on British television sometimes. It is an advert of someone who kills a child (by speeding) and consequently sees their body everywhere after that. It’s quite chilling and upsetting but it was the one thing I took from that course.

Nowadays, whenever I catch myself driving faster than I should be, I instantly remember that ad and feel my foot slowly but surely easing off the accelerator.

Lesson learnt; laws are there for a reason, usually a good one.


Disclaimer; I did NOT get locked up for this crime. I am just fond of this photo I took and it needed to feature its self somewhere!


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