Writer’s block?

I don’t know, try everyday.

I should probably start by saying that I adore writing. I feel it is a gift I inherited from my late grandfather, for he too loved to write. It was something I was always praised on at school. Everyone, it seemed,  was forever telling me I was a natural at it. I think it went to my head a bit to tell you the truth because when I entered the world of blogging I realised I was not that special as everybody on here is an amazing writer.

I find myself constantly looking for reasons to write. I collect quotes (I know right?) and write them up in pretty little notebooks and of course growing up as a moody teen, I have tried the odd journaling here and there. Not to mention the big dream that one day I will write a book and publish it. No tax on dreams, right?

To say I love writing this much, it does not come naturally to me. I struggle to write a lot and writer’s block has become the norm to me.

So naturally, the last time I experienced a writer’s block is probably… now. I thought. ‘ooh, great prompt, I have a lot to say about this topic.’ Around 30 minutes later I found my self staring at a blank word document very much mirroring my own state of mind.

It gets me so frustrated but the only way to ‘dig myself out of it’ is to persevere, I’ll try writing and keep at it. If by the time I am done it sounds good to me, the publish button should rejoice and expect a visit from me shortly. However, if I continue to struggle and none of what I am writing makes me feel then I abandon the task and tell myself there will be other topics to write about.

This is precisely why I don’t think I am a good writer per se. A good writer would never abandon their writing, no? A good writer wouldn’t necessarily need prompts to write? Food for thought.

One thing I noticed about writing behaviour, my own anyway, is that there is a strong correlation between emotion and writing. If I am angry or sad the words literally pour out of me, almost demanding to be written.

All I know is, I wouldn’t swap this gift for anything else, block or no block.

Quotes are an excuse to write...

Quotes are an excuse to write…



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