Eid Mubarak …

Eid Mubarak to all who celebrated on Monday, or are celebrating it today. I hope your Eid was truly blessed and if you don’t celebrate it, then I hope you had a marvellous Monday!

Eid Cupcakes

Eid Cupcakes

Eid is truly a special time for any Muslim family, or it should be anyway. I say that because, depending on where we live, some of us tend to slack on the celebration. We subconsciously decide that because we live in a country where Eid is not an established holiday or celebrated, we needn’t acknowledge it. For others, celebrating Eid becomes an unnecessary burden because they don’t have children or family close by.

My family and I have been guilty of the above as much as the next person and in some ways I understand this predicament that a lot of people are going through. Eid is a great time for family gatherings so if you don’t have loved ones around you because you live abroad it is hard to see this occasion in the same way as those who are surrounded by family. But of course your situation does not get any easier when you look around and see people going about their day to day business as they do not celebrate  Eid. Who would be in the mood to acknowledge it, huh?

Treat Bags!

Treat Bags!

I hear you, but I have recently realized that Eid is what you make it. It’s easier said than done, I know. I have a little sister so I feel it is my moral imperative to make Eid as joyous as possible for her because children deserve that happiness. Find your motivation and if you have no family around be your own motivation because quite simply, you are worth it.

My other motivation is of course; food and if that doesn’t motivate you my friend, then you and I have nothing more to say to one another!

The beautiful thing about Eid is that everyone celebrates it differently. The following account is of course how we roll…

When I lived in a Muslim country, my day used to start with waking up to the Adhan; the call to prayer. It was the most hauntingly beautiful sound, so memorable that despite last hearing it 13 years ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I tried to replicate the experience by playing it on YouTube – wasn’t the same :(.

Naturally, our day now starts with breakfast. Now, I don’t know about other cultures, but Eid breakfast is a pretty big deal in my household, particularly when you’ve been fasting for a month. The famous breakfast is always the same, egg, liver (I know) and a cup of tea (which the liver won’t be your cup of probably). It’s actually better than it sounds.

The milkiest tea you will ever see :)

The milkiest tea you will ever see 🙂

Following breakfast we normally visit the eldest member of the family to wish them a happy Eid. After which we go to the cemetery to visit and remember those who are no longer with us. I’m not sure if anyone else does this and I know it can probably come across as something morbid to do on a day of festivity…

But, I find that doing so softens the heart, reminds the soul that our time on this earth is limited and thus it is crucial to cherish the little moments (like Eid!) and last but not least, if only for a few seconds it reunites us with the memories of a loved one.

“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.”

The rest of time is normally spent visiting other family members, or we would all meet in one house and engage in random chit chat. Namely, the rise and fall of toilet roll prices in the various establishments around the vicinity,  I kid thee not. But being in my family helps you develop a high tolerance for ‘informative’ conversations like this!

As someone who has recently rediscovered their love for Eid, I went all out this year. I bought colourful educational books  for my little sister which she loved, but I’m thinking she enjoyed the money from the folks a little more! We also made little treat bags for the various children (and adults!) whose homes we visited. My sister baked some cupcakes which I took the liberty of decorating… and we had some good fun all on a budget! So celebrating needn’t be expensive either. Thank God for printable freebies eh?

Sorry Jessie J, it IS about the money, money, money...

Sorry Jessie J, it IS about the money, money, money…

Honestly, to some, the treats and gifts might seem like insignificant details but when combined together, these little things you initially dismiss have the power to create the most wonderful experience for you, your children and your family. Don’t deny yourself this joy.

Remember that Eid is what you make of it. And on that note; Eid Mubarak ♥



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