Step away from the book, this is a party.

Pwetty ♥

Pwetty ♥

Ok, so I’m just going to say it. As someone who has invested a good portion of their life being antisocial and avoiding social events, I am probably the worst person to plan a party, for both myself and others.

I mean even as I am typing this, I am getting vivid flashbacks of my (not so) sweet-sixteen birthday party, the only event I planned, and went horribly wrong. So wrong in fact, one of my guests just picked up a book from my shelf and starting reading, hence the title of this blog. Friends and family have not let me live that day down and it was more than 10 years ago. Mind you, I’m not sure I have let myself live that day down.

Anyway, if, by some miracle, I decide to plan myself another party (incidentally that day would also be the day I was declared brain dead) I would keep it really simple. Simple but pretty.


Chai ♥

The first thing I would do is keep the guest list to a strict minimal (see antisocial comment above). I don’t think you need huge crowds to make a party special. A small, intimate gathering is far more appealing to me. In fact, I recall watching a film once where the female protagonist had recently moved  into a new city close to the time of her birthday. Naturally, as she hadn’t met many people yet, she was alone for that night. Impulsively, she decides to call one of her ‘new’ friends for a drink who upon finding out its her birthday exclaims, “Why didn’t you say anything, we could have called more people, had a rocking party!” to which she simply replies, “But this too is a party; you, me and two cups of tea…”

Such a beautiful sentiment that stuck with me to this day.

So coming back to my party, there would be food and plenty of it too. Nothing too messy, as long as it tastes good, I’m game. But cake is where I would get real fussy. The cake has to be epic. I have never had a tiered cake before and so would want to have one of those.


Fresh Berries ♥

Fret not about the leftovers given the small no. of guests! I can eat cake for days. As far as the flavour is concerned, then it varies, my cake of the moment is red velvet or any cake covered in fresh berries.

In terms of décor, I have been looking at vintage tea party photographs online recently, as you do, and really loving the settings. Everything looks so simple yet beautiful. So I guess I would go for that theme, bunting, fresh flowers and a gorgeous cupcake stand centrepiece? Yes, please.

After all, who doesn’t love cupcakes. Drinks would be the same choice of my female protagonist above I guess, freshly brewed Chai or my drink for absolutely every occasion; hot chocolate!


Lush Hot Cocoa ♥

I feel I should take a moment to clarify I am not 90. Promise. Then again, “it’s my party, I’ll do, do what I want.” 😉



      1. Oh no….. That is why I stopped following food blogs 😀
        But I love your approach and sure do accept an introvert. 🙂 I think I’ll come back and read some more… 🙂

  1. Cake, chai tea, cocoa and berries. I like you already! I also am not too fond of huge parties. I’m glad I found your blog through the daily post. I’m a new follower! I hope you don’t mind me commenting on stuff! (Feel free to check out my blog as well!) You should try guayusa Runa tea, btw. it is super yum.

    – Romina @

      1. I think it’s technically an infusion, but in the grocery I go to here in Austin,TX it’s labeled as tea. It tastes so good either hot or cold.

  2. I totally agree with you!
    Why a party should be associated with a lot of people?
    I think when there are many people around us, we cannot have deep conversations.
    Way better to be with a few close friends and to share what we love 😉
    By the way, nice pictures!
    (Sorry if I made mistakes, I’m not fluent in english)

      1. You’re welcome! Your blog is really interesting, I have so many posts to read but I take time because since I have a baby, I don’t he time to read anymore. I specially want to read your story: Sinan & Leyla insha’Allah. I will let you know then.
        Oh really? Your english seems really good. What is your first language?

      2. Insha’Allah, of course I will tell you what I think 😉
        Aw tataqalami 3arabi! Ahlan fiki ya ukhti!

      3. Great! Tcharrafna 🙂 mabssouta eno la’eytik hon Beftekir mnehke zet el 3arabe, li ano massalan ma befham 3ala el magherbe.
        Nice to meet you 🙂

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