Home Sweet Home ♥

Honestly, it is not often that I am away from home fortunately, or is that unfortunate…? However, when I am in fact away, it is the little things I miss, clichéd as that sounds.


Little sis…

I miss my family, namely my mum who feeds me! On a more serious note though, I miss them all, my parents and siblings who incidentally, are my babies. No exaggeration. One is 20 and the other 10 but I still chase after them like a mother hen. I don’t think that is going to change any time soon.

Oh, here’s one thing I do miss like mad; my bed, and the crazy stuff I get up to in it (eat and read). I cannot for the life of me sleep on any other bed. It just feels uncomfortable and alien regardless of how nice said bed is.

Those who know me closely will also know that I miss my fan when I am not sleeping in my room. I have been known to Youtube ‘Fan Sounds’ so I can fall asleep listening to it when staying over at someone else’s house, I know, (hides face in shame.) I don’t know what it is, but I am accustomed to the sound of my fan and cannot sleep without it!


My bed ♥


Rainy Days…

I think I also miss what I see when I look out of our window, which to be fair, given where I live, is constant rain. But sometimes you do get to witness something extraordinary, particularly when I poke my head out of my bedroom window at dawn. Who am I kidding though, rain itself is pretty extraordinary to me.


Shutterbug – Bookworm Me!

In terms of materialistic things, I would miss the items I don’t always carry around; my books and camera. You know that question people always ask? “In a fire if your family got out safe, what possession would you save?” Well, my answer, for now, is my books and camera, they are important to me. They define who I am in a way; a bookworm and shutterbug (which my 10 year old sister informs me is someone who is a keen photographer.)

So that is what I would miss the most.

At the risk of sounding corny, the thing I would miss the most-most is that feeling you get when you step into your house, take your shoes off and just know you are home.


Home Sweet Home …

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