UAE; my Disneyland, frankly.

If I could live anywhere in the world right now, where would I go?

Well, had you asked me a few years ago, I would have said Istanbul straight away and to some extent I still would love to have a very long stay in Istanbul, but at the moment, I am in the mood for … the United Arab Emirates. I probably wouldn’t live with a family but this would be my choice of place for sure.

This is interesting considering I had to be dragged there that very first time I went. I generally love to travel to places steeped in history. All I had heard about the UAE was that it was mall haven, and seeing as I hate shopping (it’s true) I worried that I wouldn’t like anything there. Oh how wrong I was.

There are several reasons why, given the chance, I would fly to the UAE pronto. It is a land of absolute comfort and luxury, in other words it is the home for the lazy. And I, my friend, am the lazy.

Pretty much everything is done for you. You petrol is filled whilst you sit in the comfort of your air-conditioned car. You can ditch your car to be parked for you by the excellent valet service. I mean parking, for me, can be a very distressing process during which I may or may not cry so this valet service business is rather handy. Also, whilst the number of self service tills at supermarkets is on the rise where I live, in the UAE your items are scanned, bagged and sometimes even delivered to the car for you.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque - bad shot due to the sheer amount of SUN

Sheikh Zayed Mosque – bad shot due to the sheer amount of SUN

Another reason I would love to live there is because you are surrounded by beauty wherever you go. In Abu Dhabi for instance, you have the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. I know nothing about architecture but I do appreciate a good building and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is beautifully built with evident love, care and attention to detail.

When I first saw it, I was mesmerised just looking at its numerous domes and minarets and I hadn’t even seen the inside yet. Suffice it to say that if I was breath-taken by the exterior, I was simply floored by the interior.


Khalifa Tower – Dubai

As for Dubai, then look no further than Khalifa Tower, well you can’t anyway – it is THAT enormous! From the outside it leaves you stunned for words and then you go inside and the view leaves you breathless. Once inside, you are reminded again of  just how TALL this building is when you see its shadow pierce through the city for what seems like miles and miles ahead.

Now we come to the number one reason why I’d love to live in the Emirates; food.


Frozen Yogurt – Pinkberry

No really, this is where I’d basically go nuts like I have been deprived for years. Because every food chain you come across is HALAL (permissible to eat for Muslims). So, whilst I don’t even bother looking at McDonalds at home, in Emirates McDonalds would BECOME my home.

Also, halal or not, there is just a lot more variety to choose from over there. Where I live it literally is Starbucks, Costa and Café Nero in terms of the Café Scene. I think it’s high time Cinnabon, Pinkberry and Shakespeare and co. paid home a visit. I mean Shakespeare is ours for crying out loud! What’s he doing in Abu Dhabi!



Honestly, I am a creature of comfort and to live somewhere that caters perfectly for this is just what I need right now 🙂

This daydream was inspired by today’s Daily Post

Thank you for reading.



    1. No actually one of my plans is to go see it at night. My uncle always forgets (a.k.a. gets too lazy) to take me and won’t let me go alone coz men 😑 I should be fair and say the reason he is too lazy by night time is coz he spends all day driving our tourist asses around bless him 😂

      1. See, I want to take pictures of it at night coz the sun wouldn’t let me capture anything decent 😢 as for driving past it then yeah we have that pleasure every night as it is on the way back to uncle’s home 😀 x

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